Norman Pattiz: The Podcast Master

Podcasts present a unique advertising and marketing platform that if effectively utilized by businesses, can significantly reduce advertising cost while increasing brand awareness. In a series of studies conducted by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne, it was established there was a significant brand-lift impact for the brands from five major national consumer brands, which used the company’s network for advertisement. The results announced by the network’s founder and chairman, Norman Pattiz, showed that podcast advertisement created awareness of some of the brands by up to 60 percent especially for grocery and automobile products and services. Impressively, the study showed that in the case of a specific casual dining restaurant, the brand awareness increased up to 76 percent.



The study, which ran on PodcastOne network for 4 to 6 six weeks in 2016, carried specific messages including brand recall and purchasing intent. It was carried out in two phases: pre-campaign and post-campaign, with the customer receptiveness of the brand messages gauged during each phase. The customers were more willing to purchase the products after the podcast advertisements on PodcastOne podcast networks, which highlighted the effectiveness of the company’s multi-tiered approach to creation of brand awareness. The research independently verified PodcastOne’s focus of using podcasts as integrated advertising platforms whose impacts extend beyond the conventional advertising platforms.



Entrepreneurial Endeavors



Norman Pattiz, the founder and current executive chairman of PodcastOne, is a master of building audiences and transforming it into a revenue generating venture. With an eye for business opportunities, his timing when he launched PodcastOne in 2013 was impeccable. With strong conviction that the time was right for podcast network to take center stage, he has transformed the company into one of the world’s largest podcast network. The network’s annual download has surpassed the 1.5 billion mark and continues to rise. The National Radio Hall of Famer founded Westwood, Inc. in 1974 and built into the leading radio network nationally. At Westwood One, he built the network’s profile winning the rights to air The Super Bowl, NFL Football and both Summer and Winter Olympics. This was in addition to the several rights it acquired from reputable media houses to air several of their contents including CNN, CBS and NBC radios channels.



In addition to founding PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz also founded PodcastOne Sales. Both of these companies have grown into leaders in podcast networking especially in the marketing and sales segment. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.



Career History



Norman Pattiz has a stellar career in journalism, a journey that saw him serve in the administrations of Presidents Clinton and George Bush from 2000. While serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, he oversaw the launching of U.S nonmilitary radio services broadcasting across the numerous territories in different languages including Arabic and Farsi. He has also served in various capacities in his companies and others entities.

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