Oncotarget and Its Quest To Inform And Educate

Oncotarget has become one of the leading journals in the scientific community due to its ability to weekly publish various developments made under oncology in the universal war against cancer. As a scientific journal that specifically publishes developments in oncology one has to note that oncology is a broad subject and as such has various other multidisciplinary topics within it. In this regard, Oncotarget has committed itself to publish all credible developments and discoveries made by scientist waging war on cancer.

The many examples of subjects encompassed under the field of oncology include neurodegradation, atherosclerosis, lymphocytes, cells, and molecules, cellular functions in cancerous cells, pathways, and microbes. Under all this fields new developments and discoveries that are made every day by scientists who then submit their finding for publication by Oncotarget.

It is important also to note that before any submission is published by Oncotarget, they are first carried through vetting process where the findings submitted are reviewed and ascertained to be true. This at times involves checking through experiments after visiting the scientist before they are published.

After the findings are published, the journal then serves as a medium of transferring the new information to other expert research on the ways of curing cancer. This important as every little development made in any field increases the knowledge that would aid in making further developments on a gradual victory towards curing cancer.

The journal has become a unique source of scientific knowledge for years now due to many attributes such as the journals ability to review any submissions given to them by scientists in the quickest way possible. This aspect ensures that new information in the field of oncology gets conveyed quickly to other scientists in the fastest time possible. For more info about us: https://twitter.com/oncotargetjrnl?lang=en click here.

The ability of the journal to also publish all the new developments under oncology makes it a unique scientific journal as it is broad and many papers are submitted to them, and those that are credible are all published. The other thing specific to the journal is its ability to follow up with new treatments developed for cancer and post them. They post the effects of the new treatment regiments and the response of the patients undergoing the procedures. This ensures that detailed information reaches out to any party waging war on cancer.

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