With its headquartered in Indianapolis Indian and founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings offers securities based lending services for businesses as well as individual investors. It gives loans based on its evaluation of the risk and future performance regarding the stocks, bonds, as well as treasuries. In Australia, its main offices are in Melbourne. Other offices are also in Sydney and Perth.Equities First is known to offer efficient and timely financial solutions to businesses and individuals who are considered high net-worth seeking non-purpose capital.

Their services are specially tailored to conveniently supply liquidity at highly attractive terms. This is majorly done by use of a secure and transparent process, which is specifically designed to build customers trust. Equities First are mainly seen as the solution to alternative finance solutions, capital allocation, as well as specialized financial services.Their unique and most sort after approach to non-purpose financing has seen them grow rapidly since the company was founded, which has facilitated more than seven hundred high value transactions. The funding approach used provides most of their clients with a lower cost of capital and better financing terms compared to the traditional financing alternatives.

Equities First has been able to expand its operations globally and currently holds offices in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Bangkok. This way, they are able to offer tailor-made financing arrangements to individual borrower needs depending on their locations or any other need.Interested clients first contact Equities First with details regarding their proposed collateral, and the amount of funding required. Then valuation is done to determine your suitability and calculation of loan-to-value ratio and interest rates follows. Signing of the agreement follows, with transfer of the agreed upon collateral to an Equities First custodian account. Funding is then done. Upon conclusion of the financing period, the pledged collateral is returned in full.

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