Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is international fellowship based in Los Angels California. The center was launched with the aim of providing courses on the Zohar the sacred text of the Kabbalah wisdom and Kabbalistic teachings based on online platforms well as regionally established centers and study groups where members are provided with lectures, books, prayer service DVS among other materials aimed at improving the quality of humanity.The students were introduced to the knowledge of Jewish text and Hebrews to bring about prerequisite understanding.

From the studies, students of Kabbalah have greatly reaped sorts of benefits from the fellowship including spiritual development, exchange of ideas among others. The non-profit organization was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Since its foundation, the center has been spreading theme every individual was born with the capacity for greatness, and that’s what they have been trying to activate among its followers. The mission behind the establishment of the fellowship was to bring forward clarity, freedom, and understanding among the humanity. You can also find the team of Kabbalah : http://teamkabbalah.com/

The center registers individuals from diverse ethnicity, culture, and race as students to study the world and guide others. Kabbalah has cemented beliefs in astrology, and they emphasized that astrology was an element of Judaism. Astrology was mostly studied by Jewish scholars who were at middle ages despite great opposition from great thinkers and philosophers such as Maimonides. Away from Judaism the center as well teaches Klippot. The concept that outlines that one has a direct relationship with the spiritual world. Through the study of Kabbalah, Klippot was removed through violence and added through negative behavior. Due to its outstanding performance, Kabbalah center is the currently the leading multinational specializing in spreading the Kabbalah wisdom. After founding Kabbalah center in 1922 Rav Yehuda was succeeded by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein, he continued to implement strategies of Ashlag till his demise in 1969 when his responsibilities were transferred to the current director Rav Berg and his wife, Karen Berg.

US Money Reserve’s E-Commerce Website for Precious Metals

The US Money Reserve has changed the way it does business. The company has launched an e-commerce website; the new website is for the rare and unique type of gold and silver and platinum coin. The site offers an excellent user-friendly experience using rich, intuitive features and complete product information. This is a new business approach adopted by the United States Money Reserve. The site is meant to reflect the new face of the company as the leader in the precious metals industry. This feature shows that core principle of the firm that is trust and commitment to customer satisfaction.



The firm’s online presence redesign includes appealing new photography of the brand’s recognized and distinguished leader, the current president of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, and the new Coin Gallery. The primary aim of the website is to educate the site visitors regarding the benefits of acquiring government-issued bullion and also to offer excellent consumer experience while buying the precious metals. According to the Ryan Buchanan, the firm has a tool that is fully responsive that enables the company to come up with quality materials across all platforms, further interact the company’s client, and give a chance of the potential customers across the globe to purchase the products through the company secure online storefront. Buchanan who is the VP of Brand and Creative supervised the entire process of the redesign, the process also included the implementation of several new applications and features that will educate the consumer and make purchase process to be efficient.



One most critical service provided by the online shop is real-time competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion and bars. Other optional services offered by the U.S Money Reserve includes a unique product that meant for discerning precious metals purchaser and PCGS certified coins. One of the actions that the potential customer can take is to signing up for firm’s information platform and visit the Knowledge Center for real-time updates on the expensive metals and terms related to grading, coin minting, and purchasing. The updates concerned with the precious metals is available via the Full Headline Gold New Room.



Though U.S. Money Reserve is a private company, it is one of the largest distributors of U.S. government issued gold, platinum product and silver. The company has experienced growth since its founding in 2001. This success has led it to become the world’s most successful private seller of precious metals. The company is relied upon by thousands of client across the country to spread the scope of their assets with U.S. precious metals such as gold and silver coins.

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Clay Siegall on a Busy Day

Clay is the co- founder of Seattle Genetics, Inc. It was founded in 1997 and since 2000 he has been its CEO. Dr. Clay’s close to 20 years of cancer research experience as well as therapeutic drug creation has put him ahead with other authorities in medicine and science.

From December of 1997, he served as the Executive VP of Seattle Genetics Inc. He also served as the company’s chief scientific officer until 2002. Prior to founding this company, Dr. Clay worked with Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Institute as a research investigator in a senior capacity from 1991 to January 1995. He was promoted to principal scientist from 1995 to December of 1997.

Clay Siegall has served as chairman at Seattle Genetics, Inc since 2004. He has been interim chairman since early 2004. At Ultrgenyx pharmaceutical, he occupies the position of director since 2014. He is the director at Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA). He also sits on Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance board of governors. At Mirna Therapeutics, he served as a non-executive director from early 2013 to 2017.

Writing and Awards

Clay has 67 scientific papers to his credit. He has nine patent rights. He is on three scientific journals’ editorial boards. He is a member of the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation’s scientific counselor’s board. In 1995 he was awarded the Pierce Aaward for his contribution in the targeted toxins field. A few years later, in 2002, he was Ernst and Young’s Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the year finalist.


In one of the recent posts on Dr. Siegall’s post, the negative effects of solitary confinement are highlighted. It is argued by the author that the prisoners soon crave the touch of a fellow person and communion. They lose track of the days and nights and are not sure of the days or months any more. The negative effects of this confinement have become a cause for debate in recent years.

In another post, US military is trying to determine whether the troops who handle heavy firing machines are at risk of brain damage when they fire them. The hot gases the machines emit upon firing are a question for speculative debate.

Andrew Rolfe: Philanthropist & Chairman of the Board for the Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief, founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund told Financial Times that while speaking at a charity function in Davos, he had an epiphany. “The money was flowing in,” he said, “But we weren’t changing lives.” That was when he decided that the Fund, which helps orphaned children in South Africa, needed a new strategy.

In an unprecedented move, the Fund – founded in 1999- started saying “no” to donors who came with strings attached. The money was meant to be spent helping those in need, and that is what he was determined to do. The new strategy involved going after family foundations and high net-worth individuals who understand that highly restrictive donations aren’t worth his time.

Finding a donor who is prepared to give money without any strings attached can be difficult for a nonprofit. Many people who donate significant amounts of money feel that their donation should buy them control over how a nonprofit spends its funds, or how it is managed. Some even go so far as to make demands from beyond the grave by leaving stipulations in their will. What charities need is ongoing support without restrictions so they can spend money freely on what the nonprofit needs, rather than on what the donor wants. Lief found that in his Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andrew Rolfe.

Andrew Rolfe, who holds the same values and beliefs as Lief, has been the chairman of the Board of Directors since 2007. Rolfe felt, as Lief did, that the underprivileged orphans of South Africa would be better served by no-strings-attached donations, and has made it his mission while on the board, to help develop education programs, build safe housing, and make sure there is a sustainable model for living. Andrew Rolfe attends many of the nonprofit galas and functions, networking, and developing new sponsorship for the Ubuntu Education Fund’s mission.

Andrew Rolfe And His Aid To Children Through The Ubuntu Fund

Jacob Lief is the chief executive and founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The fund is designed to aid vulnerable children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. He has changed his strategy and donors will no longer be able to stipulate how the money is spent in regards to the children. He simply wants it to be spent on the best possible current support for the children. Andrew Rolfe also offers assistance in his role as chairman of the board for the fund.

The organization is known as the Ubuntu Model and by working with the communities and families are able to promote the education, health and stability each child requires to escape from poverty. Part of what the board as well as Andrew Rolfe accomplishes is finding donors to help without strings. Most of the donors want their money spent in a specific way and this has caused problems for the fund.

One of the most demanding benefactors was Peter Lewis who once boycotted charities for an entire year. Andrew Rolfe and the board also had to deal with a long legal battle regarding Albert Barnes’s art collection. When he died there was a stipulation the collection could not be changed at all and it took a great deal of time just to have the collection moved.

Establishing a working balance between the recipient and the donor takes hard work. There are discussions, clashes and conflicts to be resolved. This is more difficult with some firms than with others. Overall Andrew Rolfe feels the relationships between the donors and the charities have improved. When a donor tries to throw their weight around the situation is quickly addressed and resolved. What needs to be reinforced is that the Ubuntu Education Fund is trying to help the children. This is the focal point.



With its headquartered in Indianapolis Indian and founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings offers securities based lending services for businesses as well as individual investors. It gives loans based on its evaluation of the risk and future performance regarding the stocks, bonds, as well as treasuries. In Australia, its main offices are in Melbourne. Other offices are also in Sydney and Perth.Equities First is known to offer efficient and timely financial solutions to businesses and individuals who are considered high net-worth seeking non-purpose capital.

Their services are specially tailored to conveniently supply liquidity at highly attractive terms. This is majorly done by use of a secure and transparent process, which is specifically designed to build customers trust. Equities First are mainly seen as the solution to alternative finance solutions, capital allocation, as well as specialized financial services.Their unique and most sort after approach to non-purpose financing has seen them grow rapidly since the company was founded, which has facilitated more than seven hundred high value transactions. The funding approach used provides most of their clients with a lower cost of capital and better financing terms compared to the traditional financing alternatives.

Equities First has been able to expand its operations globally and currently holds offices in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Bangkok. This way, they are able to offer tailor-made financing arrangements to individual borrower needs depending on their locations or any other need.Interested clients first contact Equities First with details regarding their proposed collateral, and the amount of funding required. Then valuation is done to determine your suitability and calculation of loan-to-value ratio and interest rates follows. Signing of the agreement follows, with transfer of the agreed upon collateral to an Equities First custodian account. Funding is then done. Upon conclusion of the financing period, the pledged collateral is returned in full.

Jason Hope Bets Big on the Future of the Internet

Although the Internet has taken on a central part of many people’s lives, there are many in the tech industry who believe it could be improved even further. One such believer is noted philanthropist and tech enthusiast Jason Hope, who has helped make considerable advancements into what he refers to as the “Internet of Things.”

Put simply, the Internet of Things is the idea that connectivity between devices has helped to globalize the world economy and that companies must adapt to its demands if they wish to remain competitive in the world’s marketplace. As companies pour more resources into offering greater Internet-related services, those that don’t will quickly be forgotten. As a result, Jason Hope sees now a tech race between companies in which the main winner is actually consumers.

In terms of direct benefits, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will help to reduce unnecessary waste in our lives, as well as unnecessary exposure to dangerous conditions. When people are able to control things remotely, we won’t need to risk lives in unsafe work environments. Similarly, by streamlining our daily routines, the Internet can help cut down on wasted resources. For instance, newspapers don’t need to require dead plant material if we can just read the same information on a screen from our phone. These are just a handful of the ways in which Jason Hope has identified a better, more connected, future.

In terms of his own past, Jason Hope is no stranger to the tech industry or its Internet-related offerings. As a frequent writer and contributor to online discussions about the future, Jason Hope has earned a reputation for being one of the leading voices in the futurology movement. Unlike other entrepreneurs, who are mainly concerned with how to turn their startup into a profitable empire, Jason Hope is instead focused on how technological advances can benefit the poorest people.

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In addition to observing existing technological trends, Hope has also made headlines with his predictions of what these trends could indicate about our future society as a whole. Will people embrace these changes or resist them? On that subject, Hope is appropriately optimistic. He believes that as people adopt new trends in technology, they’ll be more receptive to future advances as they develop. Of course, it’s difficult to get people to make the initial plunge into a new unknown, but given the Internet’s many benefits, it’s no wonder that more people are adopting it than expected. As the Internet continues to be a central component of our lives, it will be interesting to see what else it has in store for us, as well as what Hope predicts for our future with it.

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The Success Stories at Nine9 that You Should Know About

John L – Talent ID: 129454

So far, John has experienced amazing success at Nine9. He recently got a spot at an upcoming online show. After signing up, it only took two months for him to receive notification and the Extra role. Thus far, the experience has been good. However, he still does have to update his professional shots. He is quite grateful. See Photos .

Cali C – Talent ID: 129083

Since she joined Nine9 a while back, she has learned a lot. One aspect she remembers about Nine9 is the Meet & Greet instructors. The photo shoot that she held with Greg Daniels was quite awesome. Besides that, she remembers the staff being fantastic. After working with Nine9, she says that she has been getting responses for her casting applications. Thus far, everything is quite exciting and she is just waiting to see where it all leads.

Jordan S – Talent ID: 116180

When she started at Nine9, it took quite a while for her to book roles. She was sending resumes everywhere but there were no responses. After joining Nine9, she has managed to book three acting in just the last two months. Besides that, she has been booked for promotional modeling. Amazingly, one of the gigs she got has found its way to the Sundance festival. According to her, the success at Nine9 will not come overnight. However, it is a step in the right direction. Read Blog Post Here  .

About Nine9

99% of all actors and models are not represented by an agency. That is where Nine9 comes in. The company provides these aspiring models and actors with the tools they need for their career to take off. When the company was started in 2003 that was the mission. Many years later, it has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in castings. It makes the extra effort of developing talent, which the agencies are not willing to make.

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Key Orthopedic Procedures That Greg Finch is Conversant With

In every day endeavors people tend to encounter health challenges relating to body joints. Sadly, some of them leave the victims in persistence excruciating pain, until trustworthy specialists intervene. When confronted by issues relating to fractures, tendons, spine, knees or any other issues necessitating surgery, there is no better step to take than to check with an orthopedic surgeon. They might have to take you through intensive procedures such as;

Hip Replacement Services

In case a patient experiences pain that cannot be relieved by administration of non-surgical treatment, the above comes as an alternative. Thanks to technology, the method has gained popularity for being effective on people in need of restoration of joint movement and relief from pain. Hip replacement surgeries should be performed by informed medics.

Exclusive Sports Medicine Services

As it is, most sportspersons are at a high risk of fractures and injuries relating to bones, ligaments and muscles. With an orthopedic surgeon for you as an athlete, you are guaranteed of sound advice and treatment when need arises. Even for people with chronic and debilitating conditions, these are the healthcare services to hire. Restoration of body function is ranked best when you work with the said specialists.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

The orthopedic procedure treats knee injuries through use of a tool called an arthroscopy. Mainly they talk of the knee because it is the one on which the arthroscopy is used. However, it normally applies even for other joints such as the shoulder, ankle, wrist, hip, and elbow.

Detailed Information About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an Australian-based practicing orthopedic surgeon with a remarkable track in the field. He pursued bachelors in medicine, and an MBBS from the University of Auckland. He earned the credentials between 1986 and 1991. His specialty is in the spinal surgery, and he has advanced to have a special interest in slightly invasive vertebral surgery, adult malformation as well as cervical spine surgery.

Greg Finch possesses skills in diverse fields. Some of these include; spinal decompression, upper cervical, scoliosis, disc herniation, interventional spine to mention but a few. So far Greg Finch has accumulated skills enabling him provide matchless spinal care to his patients, which has also made him quite popular.


Most back pain cases are trivialized probably because people are ignorant of the effects. It is essential to take up measures to counter the problem as soon as it necessitates. Greg Finch is an incredible performer and gives advice besides quality care.

Cleansing Conditioner: The Answer To Your Hair Woes

Many of us feel that having shiny and soft hair is a dream that will never come true. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are cursed with dry and dull hair because of our genetics. We’ve tried deep conditioners and moisturizing shampoos but the texture and appearance of our hair remains the same.

Recent studies suggest that the ingredients found in popular shampoos and conditioners may be behind these common hair-related woes. For years, we’ve been taught that commercial shampoos and conditioners are a necessary part of maintaining healthy hair. However, what the brands that create these products don’t want you to know is that their shampoos and conditioners are loaded with ingredients that are remarkably damaging.

The reality is that our hair is much more fragile than we know. When we wash and condition our hair with these commercial products, we are loading our hair with ingredients that are just too harsh for our hair to handle. As a result, our hair becomes dry and weak and it loses its natural shine.

As it turns out, our hair is actually capable of keeping itself soft and shiny. Our hair follicles produce oils that nourish each strand, supplying hair with moisture and a protective coating so that environmental factors like weather cannot damage it. However, most shampoo and conditioner products are filled with chemicals that are so harsh and aggressive that they strip the hair of these oils, leaving hair vulnerable and dehydrated.

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The Solution

Luckily, there’s a new product out there that cleans and conditions hair while preserving its natural oils. WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains natural ingredients like botanical extracts that clean hair gently while providing it with tons of moisture. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is completely free of harsh chemicals that leave hair feeling dry and damaged.

Because of its unique formula, more and more beauty enthusiasts are turning to WEN Cleansing Conditioner and throwing their bottles of commercial shampoo and conditioner in the trash. If your hair is dry, damaged and dull, it’s time to throw out these damaging products for good and switch to WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

Learn more about WEN Hair: http://stylemish.com/wen-by-chaz-dean-takes-hair-to-a-new-level/