Omar Yunes Helping Sushi Itto Brand Become More Popular in Mexico

Being successful in the food and restaurant business is not a small feat as the competition is huge and it continues to increase with every passing day. However, Omar Yunes from Mexico has been able to make a name for himself in the fast food business at a very young age. He is the proprietor of 13 Sushi Itto Japanese fast food restaurants today but opened the first Sushi Itto franchise when he was just 21. Omar Yunes has been passionate about the restaurant business from the very young age and always wanted to venture into the food industry. It is his passion and determination to succeed and maintain the success he achieves has helped him become what he is today, one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the food business in Mexico and what Omar Yunes knows.

Recently, Omar Yunes became the winner of the Best Franchise in the World Competition as well, where many participants from 34 countries participated. Even in such a highly competitive contest, Omar Yunes and his business stood out and won the Best Franchisee in the World Competition. He owns approximately about ten percent of the entire franchise units of Sushi Itto and has contributed majorly to the brand’s growth in Mexico. The Mexican people were more or less unaware about the Japanese fast food, but thanks to the Sushi Itto outlets of Omar Yunes, it is among the most popular cuisines in the country today. The award was given by how much effort he put into making his restaurants a success and the value he added to the brand as a whole. Moreover, the turnover of his restaurants was also taken into account and read full article.

Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, said that Omar Yunes winning the BFW Competition showcases the determination of Sushi Itto and its partners to continue to provide its valued customers with the best food, flavor, and service. Omar Yunes was profoundly humbled after receiving the award and said that it is only made possible by the efforts made by 400 employees that his business employs across the 13 Sushi Itto outlets. He plans to open many more franchise units across the country in the future and his Webstie.

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Aloha Construction Is Creating New Jobs

The growth of Aloha Construction is an incredibly good sign for the industry. You would think that with the economy in decline, the construction industry would be going downhill and jobs would be decreasing. However, if you look at the numbers of the construction industry, you will see tremendous growth. The truth is that Aloha Construction is contributing to this amazing growth.

Aloha Construction is a family owned construction company in the Lake Zurich area. It has grown to be a lot more than just a small family owned business, though. It has completed over eighteen thousand projects. They have becoming a leading player in the construction industry, and they have created many jobs. They offer free inspections of homes, so you will get a good idea of what a project will cost before they start. All of their workers are fully insured.

Aloha Construction has the best team in the industry. They employ skilled professionals in every area of expertise they specialize in. They perform all sorts of projects, ranging from roofing to flashing to attic ventilation.

When looking for a construction company, there are some qualities you should be looking for. One of these should be whether or not they are able to get the job done in a timely manner. Aloha Construction certainly does. They value time management more than anything else, because they want their customers to be satisfied and happy. They provide the most high quality work, in keeping with the growing demand for it. They always do a complete job, even cleaning up after themselves.

The growth of Aloha Construction is a good sign for the industry. It is also a good sign for the job sector in general. More and more jobs are being added in the construction industry, which lets anyone work and earn a living.

Market America Shop is a one stop site for all

Market America Shop is a one stop site for all of your shopping needs. By going to, you will have access to several unique brands and products offered exclusively by Market America Shop. In addition to the wide variety of products available exclusively on the site, you have access to some of your favorite brands and retailers, including Target, Bloomingdale’s, Gap, and many more. The website also offers shopping consultant services for its customers. This can be of help to many people who may have trouble picking out products or are trying to save money. The website is quite a high quality online retailer. Visit today to take advantage of these deals.


Gregory Aziz’s Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Ontario born Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Industry. He is a Bachelors of Economic graduate from the University of West Ontario.

Immediately after his studies, he worked at Affiliated food, a company owned by his family. He used his expertise to develop the company into a global producer and distributor of fresh foods. Over a period of 16 years, Affiliated foods streamlined its supply chain, spread its operation to Europe and South America, introduced new product offerings and merged and partnered with distributors and producers across the globe.

Gregory Aziz left to pursue interests in investment banking in New York. He spent the early 1990s honing his skills in financial analysis, management, and leadership. By 1994, he was at the center of the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. Greg Aziz purposed to turn around the company’s fortunes after the acquisition.

National Steel Car is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the sale and manufacture of railroad cars. When Gregory Aziz took over, the company had experienced several ups and downs. Greg identified three channels for success, the team, capital investments and efficient production processes.

Greg Aziz envisioned building a team that could create value leveraging the current capabilities of the company. With time, he created a purpose driven, diverse, innovative and value conscious. The team’s pursuit is to challenge themselves always, set standards, build lasting relationships and offer excellent customer experience.

To achieve efficiency in production, he focused on implementing better processes. Greg made capital investments in machinery and labor. The company increased its staff numbers to over 3000 up from 600 and the production capacity to 12,000 cars annually. Gregory Aziz then pursued excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

National Steel Car is the number one innovator in the Industry in North America. The company is the only one in the industry that has an ISO 9001:2008 certification. National Steel car is a recipient of the TTX SECO award for the last eleven years.

The company continues to invest in building the Hamilton community. Other than supporting the local charities, it employs most of the locals in the area. Gregory Aziz and Irene, his wife, finance the Canadian Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

For Greg Aziz, the strategy is a sufficient determinant for success. Currently, he hopes to improve the company’s past success by encouraging innovation, challenging his team, and pursuing excellence fiercely.


Ricardo Tosto Is An Experienced Business Attorney

Are you dealing with a business or corporate law matter in Brazil? Do you need a competent lawyer to advise or represent you in a business legal issue? If you are searching for great lawyer to guide you properly, then check out Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a top rated Brazilian lawyer.

Finding a good lawyer should not be a difficult task. It involves a few simple steps and there are resources to help you. Law directories available to provide you with information about lawyers that practice in the area you need help with.

Many people find a lawyer by getting recommendation from friends, relatives and colleagues. Others turn to professionals like their physician, accountant or real estate advisor to find a good lawyer.

It is always advisable to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced business or corporate lawyer if your case involves a business dispute, breach of contract, shareholder conflicts or other related matters.

Whether you want to hire a lawyer to advise you as you run your business or you want someone to help you resolve a tough legal matter, it is imperative to choose lawyer who is well versed in business law. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side, is a great way to ensure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of your industry.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been advising and representing clients in a wide variety of issues and is well known for rendering top notch service. Based in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto represents clients throughout the nation and comes highly recommended.

Ricardo Tosto has a prominent law office focused on addressing the needs of entrepreneurs, businesses, establishments, large corporations and multinational organizations. He has the expertise to help clients navigate and resolve disputes and conflicts. He is a skilled business litigator, and he has represented many clients throughout the nation.

Ricardo Tosto can be helpful when it comes to cases involving business structure, corporate governance, breach of contract, partnership disputes and lawsuits. Contact Mr Ricardo Tosto to learn more about his services.

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Trabuco The Ancient War Machine

Trabuco was an extremely popular war machine that was widely used until gunpowder was invented. The first usage of this weapon on record can be dated back to around 400 D.C. when the Chinese were using them in wars against themselves.

Trabuco was powerful to crush walls set up by enemies, and also worked as a catapult, launching projectile weapons, usually stones, either over walls or into awaiting enemies. The machine did usually require some sort of counterweight to balance itself out before attacking. This weapon was not a weapon in which only one person could operate it. The machine was massive in size, and required anywhere between 15 to 45 men to operate it. The men who controlled the machine were divided into pairs to control a rope on the device to give it the proper leverage needed to launch stones.

There is said to be 2 types of Trabucos that were used, depending on how they were built. The lighter one could hurl stones weighing around 140 pounds, while the other one could launch stones that weighed as much as 300 pounds. The size of the Trabuco built would always determine how the size of the stones that could be launched, as well as the velocity rate in which the stones traveled.

Although the Chinese were the first to use and popularize the weapon, they were not the only ones who used it. The weapon began to gain popularity in the Middle East and Europe around 600 D.C.. One of the first areas of the Middle East to try the weapon were located in Eastern Germany. Later on the popularity of the weapon transcended to France, England, Portugal, and Italy according to Although no longer used in wars, the Trabuco can still be built today by simply searching online for directions, or someone who is experienced in doing so. The activities used for them today are usually for something like throwing balls, or grapes. In beginning to use the Trabuco, once it is built, you first have to put one end of your string on the hook before putting your item on it. After doing so, you next place a counterweight to balance the machine on Make sure the Trabuco is balanced, then release the counterweight you have placed. The sling will begin to accelerate at a rapid pace, causing the item to rotate back into the sling. The sling will the slide through the hook and the item placed will be pushed towards the direction the Trabuco was aiming at.

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Paul Mampilly, The Investment Advice Genius Of All Times

Who is Paul Mampilly?

A lot can be said about this renowned forty two year old American investor, cum businessman. This because, his business acumen is second to none. Paul is a former Wall Street mogul turned research and investment analyst. He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, which gives investment advice to thousands of clients on a daily basis. A move which helps people make money by relying on his sound investment advice.

Paul has the ability to predict winners of the stock exchange even before they take off. One would wonder whether he is a wizard, a fortune teller or a matter of luck, but this is not the case. His sharp business acumen and ability to predict market trends is premised on endless hours of extensive research by his team and himself. This has enabled him be able impart the best investment advice to his huge clientele.

Education and career background

Paul’s knowledge has not only been amassed from his extensive career in the business sector, but also from the institutions he attended. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Finance and accounting) from Montclair State University. Paul also has a Master’s in Business Administration, finance option. His career background has been extremely successful to the extent that he has won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment completion setting him apart from other contenders. He has worked as an author cum analyst for Stansberry Research and for Agora Financial as an author, trade analyst and investment director. As if that is not enough, Paul had a stint at Palm Beach Research Group as an author and analyst. And last but not least he worked for Kinetics Asset Management as a senior portfolio manager where he made huge business strides that saw them benefit from the world’s best hedge funds.

Paul’s three famous investments advice include the following

Apart from giving insightful answers which have guaranteed success to his clients, Paul has come up with three investment advices that have proved to be worth in the strictest sense of the word.

Choosing food preferences as a guide to stock selection

Whereby he opines that grocers who deliver weekly, as well as food delivery companies are bound to reap more from the millennials. This is because most of them opt to order for food and groceries from the comfort of their homes. The aforementioned persons are experiencing increased sales as a result of their convenient services.

Gearing up for electric vehicles

He advices that avoiding automobile and automobile-related stocks is the wise thing to do because every invention experiences it moment period, which later fizzles out as soon as a new product is introduced into the market.

Focusing on precision medicine

Paul Mampilly advices that there should be a focus on precision medicine, whereby doctors use a patient’s genetic information along with their medical history to search for matches in an extensive database, which will aid them in diagnosing conditions.

He encourages companies to develop capability in precision medicine so as to enable them beat industry gurus such as Merck and Pfizer.


Paul Mampilly, is the guy to watch. His business acumen is simply enviable. With the help of his hardworking team, he has been able to research and offer life changing investment advice for his wide array of clients. Seems like his move from wall-street was definitely premeditated and worth in every aspect.

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Michel Terpin’s Resilience in Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship Paid Off

Michel Terpin is one of the best rally drivers to have graced the Brazilian scene. Terpin is one of the founding members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team that aids in organizing the annual Sertoes Rally. Alongside his brother Rodrigo Terpin, they have taken Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship to the next level with their dazzling results.

His Specialization

As a rally driver, he has specialized in the T1 prototype vehicle category that signifies the largest and the longest off-track competition gracing the Brazilian rally scene. With his impeccable performance at the Bull Sertoes Team’s Double Trophy events, Michel has managed to supplant his name in the Brazilian rally books by winning these editions back-to-back. Additionally, these victories added more confidence to the team, bearing in mind they had to encounter more depressions, winding roads, and a rugged terrain. Aboard the T-Rex, Michel Terpin received a Carbon Free Stamp (CFS) from the Green Initiative. The stamp ensured that he would participate in planting trees across the Atlantic forest as a compensatory means for the Carbon 1V Oxide produced during the entire rally championship.

His Achievements and Experience

With over ten time’s participation in the event, he is unarguably the most decorated rally driver across Brazil with an astounding rallying career. Michel Terpin began his career in 2002 as a motorcycle competitor, where he banked on his brother’s immense recognition in the car category to climb through the ropes. By 2004, he had already joined his brother in the car category and more astonishingly, he was already piloting the powerful T-Rex.

Winning Partnership

Alongside his navigator Maykel Justo, they represent a rallying duo with vast experiences in rallying in which they are the leaders in the championship ranking for Brazilian Championship. In the 2008 Bull Sertoes, he represented their team at the 25th edition of the event where they established a record in the 3300 kilometers stretch with a Grand Norte 1500. On his 11 appearances at the event, he was able to achieve excellent performance in two categories, namely the trucks and the car categories. In all these disciplines, he recorded victories that still affirmed his prowess in the competition.


A Look into the Brazilian Law Through Ricardo Tosto

The Brazilian law rest on statutes and, more recently and partly, a mechanism known as súmulas vinculantes. It stems mostly from European countries’ civil law systems, the Germanic law, and the Napoleonic Code. In Brazil, there are lots of codified statutes that are in force. The existing Federal Constitution that was created on Oct. 21, 1998, is the country’s supreme law. This constitution was amended numerous times. Other federal documents that are important in the country include the Criminal Suit Code, Civil Suit Code, Costumer Defense Code, Consolidation of Labor Laws, National Tributary Code, Commercial Code, Penal Code, and the Civil Code.

In the year 2007, the number of Brazil Law school programs was 1,024, with the number of law students being 197,664. Each state of Brazil has Law schools. In the year 2010, the total number lawyers in Brazil was 621,885. São Paulo was the state with the largest number of lawyers, 222,807. Minas Gerais number of lawyers were 63,978, and Rio de Janeiro lawyers were 112,515. In the year 2007, the total median income of lawyer from Brazil was R$36,120 per annum. The starting median salary was R$20,040. The highest median was R$3,000,000.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho was born on March 11, 1963. He studied at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, where he earned his law degree. He also studied at FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) and received the Business Administration Extension. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a partner at one of the major Brazilian Advocacies known as Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is ranked among the greatest Brazilian law entrepreneurs.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho conducted and originated the area of mass litigation in the office in an efficient and organized manner. His practice is also acknowledged by Análise 500, which is a Brazilian legal publication and Legal 500. He used to work for Grupo Rede as human resource advisor (HR). Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho especially practice in the fields of commercial law, civil law, election law, administrative law, business restructuring, acquisition review, reorganization, bankruptcy, banking contracts, and Credit recovery.

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Choosing A Good Bank For Your Needs

Nextbank is one of the leading banks in the country. The bank has been providing excellent financial services to clients and customers and others who are in need of expert advice and guidance on money management or financial planning. If you are looking for a reputable and reliable bank that can guide you, then consider Nexbank.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank offers financial solutions and advisory service for those who are looking to invest or manage their money. Nexbank offers products and services for personal needs, commercial establishments or money management.

Nexbank seeks to help its community through its involvement in raising funds for college students, or through getting involved in real estate.

One way to grow a company or organization is to obtain adequate funding. Commercial banks typically offer investment and financial planning services that can help businesses and entrepreneurs get access to the capital they need to expand their operation or project.

Nexbank has top notch resources and experienced staff to meet their customers’ needs. The bank strives to build strong relationship with their business owners and companies and takes appropriate measures to strengthen this relationship by rendering the highest quality services.

Whether you’re in need of personal banking service or you want to get access to business and commercial banking advice or guidance, Nexbank is your clear choice. The bank has a team of knowledgeable professionals ready to evaluate your needs and provide you with the right banking and financial solutions. They work closely with customers to evaluate their opportunities and offer affordable solutions for their borrowing needs.

You will need to contact the experienced professionals at Nexbank in order to get started taking advantage of the wide variety of financial products and services available. You’ll be delighted with the way they do business.