Primary Evolutions as E- government Originate from Major Decision Making

When it comes to making decisions, it takes one a hard time to make a decision that will be of great help in the future. The e- government is a system that is set to bring a great evolution on the face of the earth and in Brazil. However e- government system thus finds its origination from individual who made a major decision in pursuit of transfiguring the current service providing sectors in Brazil.


Instituto Curitiba de Informática –ICI plays a significant role in implementing the e-government system. The e- government has found its niche and a way to be integrated into different municipalities in Brazil. As faith without action is dead, E-government system has its physical tools and the first one of them being; the management of human resources, and education.


On the municipality of Teresina- Brazil, it was reported that the city participated in the training of its organs as a way to accelerate the implementation of e-government system’s tools. A report from Miguel Oliveira, president of the Teresinense Data Processing Company pointed out that, as a way to optimize services that will be rendered by E- government system.


Meetings with representatives of local Health Foundation, Finance Department, and Education Department had been held. City hall was to be used for training thus need for expanding its system as to improve its services to the public and the plans were underway. Mayor Sílvio Mendes contributed by saying that, the system had significant benefits such as improved response to the increasing population demands.


Elsewhere, the Municipality of Osasco adopted the e-government system and had entered into a contract with the Instituto Curitiba de Informática –ICI so as for it to carry the implementation of the e-government Education school of the management system. Statistic show that Osasco is the fifth largest city in the State of Sao Paulo, it has the highest index of state development thus known as city work. Osasco has a 5th largest local population in the State of Sao Paulo. Development in Osasco is majorly promoted by, industries, companies, Wholesale, and Retail, therefore city Federations in Osasco have been attracted by the presence of this firms.


On Teresina, Osasco is set to enjoy benefits brought about by integrating the e-governe system into their municipality. Having given ICI the contact of implementing the e-governe Education school of the management system. ICI have the duty to supply computer equipment, installation of electrical network and to implement a call center for the Municipal Education Department. The system will cover headquarters of the Municipal Education Department, 138 schools and a continuing Education Center.


The e-governe system brings along different benefits with it. For instance, in the education sector, it is focusing on ensuring confidentiality of information is maintained, provides that issuance of management of reports is done in real-time and also allows access to the internets which will enhance communication. On the other hand in the health sector, it can control the flow of patients and also regionalising attendance, in addition to that, it also provides efficient financial transfers.



Nintendo’s Newest Mobile Game Focuses on Magikarp Pokémon

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, available on iOS and Google Play, is a game about raising a Magikarp, one of the least appealing Pokémon in the entire Pokédex. That game’s name? “Magikarp Jump.” The game’s goal? To raise and train “the weakest Pokémon ever” so that it can succeed in a flopping contest with other Magikarp.


Play begins by fishing out your Magikarp from a pool and then feeding it. Feeding your Magikarp is as easy as swiping your finger within the area of its pond; you are effectively pointing out where food is, rather than directly feeding the fish by hand. The more food your Magikarp eats, the more quickly it will level up. While it is always a good idea to level up your Magikarp, levels are not the sole arbiter of success; you can also put your Magikarp through a variety of training exercises to improve its flopping ability. As every game features some limited interaction, the training exercises require points that can be earned by waiting in real time, received as items or from using purchased items. After a player has sufficient trained her Magikarp, she can run it through a jumping match. When at the match, the player commands the Magikarp to make a single jump.


While Magikarp Jump is nowhere near the complexity of Niantic’s “Pokémon Go,” it doesn’t necessitate the need for a connection to the internet nor does it require more than a pair of thumbs to operate. While Magikarp Jump may differ greatly from the gameplay of Pokémon Go, both titles serve as ways of introducing people to a variety of monsters from the Pokémon franchise; Magikarp may be the focus, but players can still run into monsters like Pikachu to cheer your fish on to literal great heights. After you have sufficiently trained your Magikarp to be its best, you can then catch a new one, with slightly better initial stats, and start over.


While Magikarp Jump has you managing and training one of the Pokémon franchise’s lamest monsters for a contest framed around Splash, the only move Magikarp knows until level 15, it does an excellent job of getting you to bond with the bony, dork of a fish and root for its success.


Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in for E-Learning

The dynamism in technology has seen the development and transfer of technology to different aspects of life. Today, emerging technologies have led to better treatment methods and thus enhancing the quality of life. Technology has been used to monitor traffic, built self-driven cars that continue to make our roads safer. As a matter of fact, advancement in technology has led to improved living standards, better health care, faster production of foods and market goods among others.


Today, an artificial intelligence system is set to get launched in a French school. The system will get used in the monitoring of the concentration levels in students. The system that goes by the name Nestor employs the use of facial expression to detect the degree of focus. Therefore, the system detects if a student is paying attention to an ongoing lecture. The system launch expects to improve the performance of online students and lecturers. Through the student’s webcams, the system analyzes the eye movements and facial expressions to determine the time the student concentrates on the video lecture.


The artificial intelligence software is set to improve the credibility of e-learning. A classroom system is yet to get developed, but according to Saucet, the progress in its development is on-going. The UN’s World Council of Peoples described its launch as the first AI led class. However, the system is incapable of teaching a course. The lecturer is still supposed to lecture in front of cameras that’s get streamed to students. The system employs the emotion recognition system to determine the levels of concentration.


People advocating for such systems say that the technology may find use when it comes to individual student needs. The system can adapt to specific needs and foster effective studying habits. As it is evident in a recent article about artificial intelligence, researchers envision the system becoming a lifelong companion for learners. However, AI’s rely on loads of personal data. It is therefore paramount to ensure that the students’ data is kept confidential and protected from hackers. The truth is, a system like this stands to improve the quality of education given to online learners.What’s more, this is just the beginning and a lot is expected in the coming years in the field of artificial intelligence.


A Legal Battle between Apple and Nokia Finally Settled

The relationship between Nokia Inc. and Apple Inc. has taken a new turn after the two technology giants agreed to settle a seven-year-old dispute and corporate in the foreseeable future. This agreement comes after Apple Inc. was sued by Nokia 7 months ago for breaching approximately 32 patents that belonged to Nokia. Some of the patents that Apple had been accused of interfering with include video encoding patents, user interfaces patents as well as display patents. The new deal between these two companies gives Apple the right to use these technologies. However, they will have to pay Nokia a certain amount of cash that must be paid up-front. In part of the agreement, Apple agreed to sell some health products from Nokia in its retail stores.


However, as expected, these giants did not reveal the financial details of the agreement. However, experts specializing in patent disputes between technology companies have revealed that this deal between Nokia and Apple could be worth millions of dollars. With the deal expected to last several years, Nokia will receive huge sums of money on a yearly basis. For this reason, the deal could have cost or will have cost Apple over hundreds of millions. Furthermore, the deal is suspected to be expensive considering that Nokia was the pioneer when it comes to cellular standards and for this reason, they own many patents. In the year 2016 alone, apple is said to have made over $140 billion from the sale of iPhones. The significance of this figure is to show what Nokia is in for. If they were given a 1 percent of the sales royalty, they could end up with hundreds of millions of dollars.


Representatives of these companies said that they were looking forward to working together. As for Nokia, their representative said that they looked forward to supporting Apple while an Apple representative by the name Jeff Williams said that the company had been relieved that the dispute had finally been settled. The two companies have been in and out of courts contesting a breach of patents since the year 2009. The major complainant in these battles has been Apple. Despite the battles and competition from other manufacturers, Nokia remains the leading manufacturer of phones around the world.



Richard Mishaan: An Interior Designer With A Love For Vintage

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who is known for putting together some of the most lavish and beautiful looking homes. He is known for his ability to pay an incredibly intense amount of detail to everything that he does to make his houses look as nice as they are. Richard Mishaan is mainly known for his beautiful blend of vintage designs and modern art, to give his clients some of the most exquisite designs for their homes.


With the growth of the real estate industry, the need for interior designers is on the rise. People don’t just want their homes to contain the necessities, but want their homes to be a statement in itself and reflect their personalities. Interior designers like Richard Mishaan know exactly how to gauge a client’s interest to decide exactly what kind of homes they are looking out for.


Richard Mishaan is known to have an incredible amount of experience working with different types of homes. He is known to be an extremely distinguished member of the interior design world and offers his clients a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to working on their homes. Because of all this experience that Richard Mishaan has gained through the years, he decided that it was time to put all of it into a book that would explain the do’s and don’ts of interior design. The book instantly became a huge success which leads to him coming out with subsequent publications.


Like all artists, Richard Mishaan too has a style which stays true to what he likes and the person he is. He is known for mixing the old and the new, to give his clients something that gives them a home which they would love. By merging vintage with modern art, Richard Mishaan has come out with interior designs that are truly exceptional, beyond expectations. He likes working with pieces and spaces that have an incredibly rich heritage, which he uses as an influence for the work he does around his spaces. His ultimate goal is to be able to create interiors that last a lifetime.




Understanding How Specialized Systems Work and Their Importance

The more humankind evolves towards a technological future; the more professionals specialized in IT are necessary.



Not only do students of software engineering need to know how to program software for other companies and base that on the needs of their staff, but they also sometimes have to have additional knowledge in the field of the business they are providing for. This is an outsourcing reality that is becoming more and more prevalent as technology advances to the software industry.



For example, hospitals need a dedicated system for their staff to use when managing the immense multitude of data and patient names, as well as inspect what rooms of the hospital will be available for what periods of the day. They need to have a dedicated database to store some data about the patients, their families, past diseases, genetic health conditions, and the extensive list goes on. How could a hospital do their job with ease without such a dedicated service?



For Brazil, there is a national company that goes right into that category. E-governe is more than a software engineering and provider corporation, but they are also a company that understands the concept of specialized service. While the firm provides systems for public sectors around the country, they serve a multitude of departments, from healthcare facilities to educational systems and human resources corporations. How can they handle so many different necessities when designing their software?



The e-governe team understands that there needs to exist a custom attendance to each company in their serving list. This is why they are constantly hiring new professionals with a wide variety of skills and knowledge to help them differentiate they systems for each department and understand the needs and desires of the Brazilian public sectors.



In the Brazilian center of Osasco, for example, one of the company’s headquarters was in a recruitment session that lasted for more than two months, trying to find as many software engineering students as possible and gather as many different mindsets as they could.



In Curitiba, Brazil, e-governe managed to be included in the public sectors of the metropolitan center, and that was another big win for the country as the firm’s software is considered to be the best in the market. Because of their dedication to providing a custom system for every department, agencies and companies can rest assured that, by hiring the services of this highly dedicated group, they will be getting the right program for their staff.



The best corporations in the world did not build their great product alone, and e-governe stands on the shoulders of another three great companies that help the group provide the best service possible while having a good customer attendance.



Minauro is the company responsible for the development of the company’s systems, and they provide fast and intuitive interfaces that make the application run smoothly.


Sisteplan handles the public administration for the company while helping find solutions for the federal departments and what they will require.



Last but not least, Consult is the third partner of e governe, also a developer of systems.



As you can see, the world is in demand of specialized software that allows for quick and intuitive interfaces for everything to run as quickly as possible.



Technology Leaders Speak Up About NSA Mass Surveilance

Top executives from leading Silicon Valley companies are taking a proactive stance of displeasure at the National Security Agency conducts mass surveillance and espionage operations over the internet.


Amazon, Google, Microsoft and 29 other companies signed a letter urging the United States Congress to do something about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; specifically, tech leaders want to see reforms made to Section 702 of the FISA law, which essentially allows the NSA to carry out total digital snooping on U.S. citizens.


Section 702 was part of the NSA secrets leaked by Edward Snowden, the former contractor whose revelations about the U.S. espionage apparatus prompted him to seek asylum in Russia. The section is up for renewal at the end of this year; tech leaders are at odds with the government with regard to mass online surveillance, which takes advantage of the digital infrastructure they have built over many decades.


What Silicon Valley executives would like to see is an overhaul of intelligence collection operations so that they extend privacy safeguards that do not run afoul of the Constitution and personal liberties that Americans are supposed to enjoy. Legal analysts believe that tech giants would be prepared to play hardball with the NSA in the sense that they would take their cases to high courts if Section 702 is not suspended or amended considerably.


According to a report by cNet, Apple was not among the companies whose executives signed the letter addressed to Bob Goodlatte, a Republican Member of Congress who currently leads the House Judiciary Committee. Apple has endured its share of conflict with the government over digital privacy issues; this was made clear by the San Bernardino terrorist attack and the company’s refusal to unlock an iPhone used during the deadly incident. Nowadays, Apple receives thousands of national security orders to turn over iPhone data each year.


The Trump administration has had an uneasy relationship with the intelligence community, and thus it is difficult to forecast scenarios as to the kind of action the White House will take in relation to FISA and other matters related to mass surveillance. On one hand, President Trump has shown sharp disdain over leaks; on the other hand, he has criticized the work of intelligence agencies that may have investigated his electoral campaign.



Add Stylish Interior Finishes to Your Home

In the current world of monotonous modern apartments and cookie cutter interior designs, it is difficult to add unique architectural touches to your home. You can, of course, hire a professional interior designer to create that dream house of yours. However, this service comes with a price that will probably stretch most people’s budgets too thin. Nevertheless, fear not! It is not impossible to add interior style and structural interest to your rooms without breaking the bank nor take up too much time. Take a look at some of our amazing ideas below to spice up the interior space of your home without all the fuss and hassle that you might associate with home improvements.

Jazz up that staircase!


Something that most people overlook, the staircase in your house is something that you might take for granted, but it is a very eye-catching structure within the home. Leaving it plain and simple would be a waste of valuable creative space where you can showcase a bold architectural statement.

Choose from flat panel wainscoting designs to fit the theme you desire. You do not need to do too much to have a distinctive staircase. For a simple makeover, you can do either one or more of these steps: replace the newel post, change the handrail, get new balusters, and change the threads. With just a bit more money and time, you can install wainscoting to the sides of your staircase and instantly have a cool new look!

Crown moldings for structural interest


Affordable, flexible, and takes almost no time to install, crown moldings are one of the best solutions to add bold decorative statements without altering the structures of your home. Head over to your local hardware store now for this instant solution that comes in a variety of style. You can opt for a glamorously ornamental and complicated design for a large room to make your guests awe-struck. If you have a small space, then go for simple clean-line designs to get that uncluttered contemporary look.

Apply them anywhere you like – the ceiling, the walls or even to the sides of your furniture. You can even paint the moldings a contrasting color to add drama to the space. The styles and designs possible are limitless, just let your imagination run free!

Create a focal point with a feature wall


Plain drywalls are so boring and out of style. On the other hand, having decorations on all your walls is a huge no-no in the world of interior design because your room will look messy and cluttered. Instead, the solution is to add just one focal point in the room in the form of a feature wall. First, choose a wall that you would like to decorate and leave the other walls plain and simple. Then, let your creative juices flow! You can display an impressive and large piece of artwork to make the space look magnificent, or hang up many small framed art pieces in a grid for something interesting.

If you want to be more elaborate, why not add a floor to ceiling wainscoting to your feature wall? You will immediately add texture and structural drama to the interior appearance of the room. You can choose from many different styles like bead board wainscotting for country charm or flat panel wainscoting for a modern look.

Upgrade your doors


Being the entrance and the first thing you see before entering a room, doors often set the first impression of the room you are about to enter. Thus, it is important to keep your doors looking fresh and welcoming. Sometimes, just a simple coat of paint will suffice, but how interesting can that be? Why not head over to flea markets, secondhand stores, and hardware stores to look for doors with textures that will pique interests and catch people’s eyes? Simply swapping in an outstanding looking door will add a whole lot of style to the space. Just try it!

With simple but great ideas, you can add architectural flairs to your home at an affordable price and in almost no time at all. Sometimes, small ideas can create big changes. You just need to find the right ideas for your home!

Where Software Is in Education and Acquisitions


The marriage of companies fusing with software companies to help them perform better in mobile apps and on web pages is increasing rapidly in current years. Just two weeks ago did Airbnb acquire Deco Software to help develop apps for Airbnb to make traveling easier and more fun.


Deco Software is also great at designing, an aspect of business that few software development teams take advantage of. Airbnb has acquired several other technology companies such as Tilt, along with twelve — yes, 12! — more acquisitions in its short life span.


A startup named Smartsheet recently attempted to secure rounds of investing and brought home $52 million to reinvest back in the company. Smartsheet is great for collaboration within companies that need to be able to share customer profiles within seconds of looking up. Smartsheet makes it free for people to save most things on its cloud software, but most pay for extended coverage, ranging between $15 to $25, a sum so high there is no wonder why it has excelled so far.


Snapchat has upgraded even further their on demand geofilters. The app recently tacked on five new fun filters to share pictures with friends online. Snapchat, just like how Airbnb did so, has acquired a lot of companies to make them the giant they are today. Acquisitions in technology is usually required for success, scaling, or both.


Apple has started to teach people how to develop apps for free, which is called “App Development with Swift.” The program will be tried out in a few high schools before its nationwide launch takes place. It is able to be downloaded for any person not in high school to try, found on Apple’s app store. Later this year, at least six community colleges will bring this curriculum to the classroom and make it easier to teach students to develop mobile apps from code, a skill that is valuable because so few people know how to.


Swift is one of the most popular programming languages for computers today. Apple has chosen to use Swift because it is easy to pick up, widely used by people of different languages, and effective in carrying out coding procedures.


Nine9 Helps Aspiring Stars

The mission at Nine9 is to help aspiring actors and models with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive career choice. Nine9 was created in 2003 and has grown to become a leader in castings across the nation. Nine9 was founded as an “UnAgency,” to represent the 99% of models and actors that are not being represented by a typical talent agency.Over the last 14 years, Nine9 has generated countless contacts in the modeling and entertainment industries. Their goal is to work tirelessly to ensure that all the talent they work with will have access to current casting opportunities from their extensive database of industry contacts. This database has valuable contacts that include casting professionals from television, movies, commercials, music videos, print ads and runway modeling.

The founder and CEO of Nine9, Anthony Toma, was asked in an interview recently what it takes to make it big as an actor or a model. His suggestions came down to a few basic tips. Work on building relationships through networking. Make sure to take acting or modeling classes to improve your skills. Get professional headshots or a composition card made, because this is the first thing casting professionals will see. Make sure to go to every addition, because you will learn from each one. We all have to start somewhere, so no job is too small.

The most important guidance he gave was to get help. Nobody can do it completely by themselves.Nine9 does not take commissions on any of the jobs it helps to facilitate. They operate in all major marketplaces nationwide. At Nine9 each client has the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders at monthly industry workshops. This is the opportunity to get your foot in the door of the industry of your dreams.

Visit their official website : Click here.