There’s a Life outside Citadel

The mention of the name Ken Griffin reminds one about hedge fund businesses. However, the hedge fund guru does well in other fields too. Kenneth is a business magnate that has prospered in the various aspects of life.

Personal Life

Kenneth is a proud husband of Anne Dias-Griffin, the Aragon Global Management founder, another prominent hedge fund. The couple has three children. He is a religious follower of the Fourth Presbyterian Church. In the year 2011, he donated $11 million to construct a new chapel for the Church. The $38.2 million modern building was named “The Gratz Center” in honor of his grandparents.

Art collection

Ken Griffin is famed as one of the world’s most dynamic art buyers. He has even devoted some of his spare time to patronage and collection of art. In 1999, he reportedly bought Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl; Paul Cezanne’s painting at a record $60 million. In 2006, he bought False Start by Jasper Johns at $80 million from David Geffen, the Dreamworks co-founder. Griffin donated $19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago, which was designed by the legendary Renzo Piano. The Paul Cezanne paintings that were bought by the tycoon have as well been given to the Institute on loan.


In the year 2012, Griffin admitted that he was a member of the Reagan Republican. After the 2007-2008 financial upheaval, he made political campaigns and donations to various political candidates, organizations, and parties that endorsed his opinion of limited government. The beneficiaries included the American Crossroads, Republican Governors Association, and Restore Our Future. The suave entrepreneur backed Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential candidacy. He also donated to Eric Cantor and Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. Griffin gave $2.5 million to Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Rauner.


Griffin has given around $500 million in support of various noble causes, including dozens of millions of organizations in Chicago. In 2006, the Griffins together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the opening of Woodlawn High School, a charter school in Chicago. In October 2009, together with his dear wife, he founded Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. The contributions include a whopping $10 million for Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and another $16 million for the Children’s Memorial Hospital inclusive of funding of the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center among others. The Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center in Chicago is a trial educational designed to experiment whether investing in educators or parents yields better academic performance. Through the Citadel Group Foundation, he has donated to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Chicago Public Library.

The generous investor also has contributions to Robin Hood Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art, the “Evolving Planet”, and the Field Museum of Natural History. He has also contributed to the professorships at the University of Chicago. In the year 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard University, his alma mater mainly to be used in need-based undergraduate monetary aid. In the year 2015, Griffin gave $10 million to the famous Museum of Contemporary Art based in Chicago.

Why Slyce Belongs To A League Of Its Own When Matters Related To Digital Shopping Are Concerned

Slyce is a company well known for its unique product recognition platform. It makes it possible for users to identify easily and purchase items that they see in the real world after they simply take a photo of the same. This platform exists for both the consumer and as a white label solution that is integrated into retailer technologies that are already in existence. The unique and phenomenal thing about this platform is the fact that it is used on both the desktop and on mobile devices.

When it comes to retailers, it allows them to be at the customer’s point of interest because when they see something they like, they can instantly take a photo, search and after being provided with matching results, make a purchase. Retailer outlets that have integrated this platform with their inventory have seen an upsurge in the sales volume. It also plays a very integral role in them knowing which products are moving fast and which have the highest popularity. In simpler terms, the platform allows retailers to have a stress free inventory updating that can in no way be compared to when it is done manually.

Slyce was intrinsically founded by two technology lovers who saw the need to make shopping less a hustle when done offline. The two fathomed the smartphone and its continued popularity when matters related to using the internet and interacting as the most potential avenue for their brilliant idea. Originally, Slyce was just a consumer technology company that had a pivoted service to a considerable B2B market.

With time, the company started moving towards building partnerships with leading consumer brands and providing them with the technology as a mobile commerce solution. The amazing platform provided a seamless way where consumers could discover and then purchase whatever item they come across and like regardless of the location they are in. The platform simplifies things in matters related to impulse buying and ownership.

With time, Slyce recognized that being just good at visual search was not enough for the market place. That is it they fused video and image recognition in the platform to make it better. When compared to other platforms offering similar service, Slyce is way beyond in the sense that it has improved features. Users do not need to necessarily include the logo text or packaging details of a product so as to get matching results like with other platforms.

Slyce came up at a time when everything else was being fused with technology and the internet to provide seamless results. Making shopping fun was the best decision because the company has and will experience even bigger growth in the years to come because people will continue to do shopping and the more they are thrilled while at it, the better.

Susan McGalla Is an Excellent Example of a Successful Businesswoman

It would be difficult to find a woman in the business world who had developed a better reputation as a businesswoman than Susan McGalla. She found her niche early and worked her way to the position of president even though she was the only woman in a male environment. Susan attributes this success to her parents who accepted everything she did on an equal basis with her two brothers. Susan says she never felt the need to express herself only as a female employee, but simply worked hard.

Advancing in American Eagle

Ms. McGalla makes a tremendously positive statement for women on in a predominantly male business world. Aside from a job with Joseph Home Company that she had right after graduating with a BA from Mount Union College, Susan stepped right into American Eagle Outfittings holding various management positions. She started at American Eagle in 1994, and she was a hard worker. Because of this, she says that she never felt a conflict with her male partners and she always felt her ideas and strategies were accepted on their own merit.

Despite that fact, American Eagle went through major transition within the company by adding more women to balance the culture. During the time that Ms. McGalla was advancing, she was in marketing and management positions until she became the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

At this point, she was totally responsible for the Profits and Losses, all of the revenue, exceeding three billion dollars, four distinct brands and an e-commerce website. Retail business and management agreed with Susan McGalla, and she was very successful at Ameican Eagle. She enjoyed this time of preparation and maturing for her future.

Ms. McGalla Speaks and Encourages Other Businesswomen

The decisions she made affected the entire younger generation who were following her influence in the styles teens were buying. Susan sees this experience as extremely positive when she lectures in various arenas. She speaks on how to get ahead as a woman in business at the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and in the Speaker Series at Carnegie Mellon University.

Ms. McGalla hasn’t stopped there. When she left American Eagle in 2010, she left behind a corporation with a different culture. She never saw any glass ceilings nor responded to any if they were there. When she left, both male and females were working together in that business culture. Upon leaving, she took her career in her hands and became a consultant for those who were at the top in the finance world who needed an insider’s perspective in retail marketing and management.

Susa McGalla has also worked as a former CEO of Wet Seal Inc., she was a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Her most public and professional position has been the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers within her personal consultant office.

Susan McGalla hopes women will forget about the so-called “glass ceiling” and know that you can be successful on your own merit.

Wirth Thinks of Squaw Valley Future Beyond El Niño

“How was your winter?” Madeleine Brand got to the point with Andy Wirth on “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” Hosted on KCRW, Brand was interested in talking about the state of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley.

AnWirth conceded that it was “certainly a tough season”. What Stanford meteorologists called the “ridiculously resilient ridge” prevented low-pressure systems from coming into the mountains. This winter, Squaw Valley had an over 20% decline in ski resort attendance from last year.

Wirth was thinking beyond the next ski season, however. How many more winters will Squaw Valley last? Wirth implied that survival is not dependent on weather, but managing resources, solidifying finances, and predicting opportunities.

Resources: “We have become extremely good in the science in making snow”, he said, citing snow management with snowcat operators and work with meteorologists from Colorado State University. Wirth said the 6000 acres in the holdings are enough to have a ‘good time’. If it comes down to “4000 skiable acres, that’s pretty darn good”, he added.

Squaw Valley is not just considering changing weather, but how to reduce effect on the overall climate. Wirth pointed to moving from coal energy to renewable energy as one measure to reduce carbon footprint.

Finances: “Our capital structure is solid, we remain profitable . . . certainly we are not achieving the kind of results we know that we can, but we have the ability to withstand changes.” Nevertheless, he said that the key is to position the company to take advantage when volatile winter weather has increased snow and increased cold.

Opportunities: Wirth was optimistic because of summer events and weather predictions. Despite the threat of El Niño, the “ridiculously resilient ridge” blocks the warm winds from entering the mountain area. From that, Wirth predicted that Squaw Valley may have a colder winter than the past four years.

The ski resorts are “virtually sold out” for summer events like Iron Man, weddings, and meetings. He stated that the packed schedule is “all summer long”. On April 15, 2015, Wirth announced plans to build a base-to-base gondola for Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. Skiers and snowboarders welcomed the move, since it will be easier to travel between the two resorts. Skiers were not as supportive of plans to expand the base-area village.

Andy Wirth has been CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010. Before then, he has been a student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland; a Bachelors of Science graduate of Colorado State University; a back country ranger fighting wild-land fires in New Mexico; and a sales and marketing specialist in ski resorts for 24 years.

Marketing Your Business in Brazil

A business requires cultural acclimatization to be successful in a foreign country. So, you need to make sure that your products or services fit into the idiosyncrasies and inclinations of the country where you want to put up your business. How do you culturalize your business so as to attain the same success that your business has achieved in the domestic market? Well, cultural acclimatization is realized in one simple step: effective marketing.

In as much as countries are becoming more heterogeneous, cultural foundations rarely budge. Cultural protocols, disclosures, traditions as well as sensitivities are stubbornly unaccommodating and typically unchanging. Marketing your business in a place like Brazil is a form of art in itself. PropMarks suggests the identity of your products or services must seamlessly fashion upon Brazil and not the other way round.

It is highly recommended to involve a Brazilian advertising specialist who can assist you to come up with an effective marketing strategy for your products or services. He shall advise you on the appropriate markets that your products or services fit best. Advertising, exhibitions, and trade shows are great avenues for meeting potential customers, but you still need to persuade them to buy your products. You must convey your sales literature appropriately in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Ignoring cultural preferences, tastes, and local regulations as laid down by Brazilian advertising service is a sure way to failure. Be aware of some of the Brazilian cultures that would affect your marketing efforts, and you can do this by reading with the internet being a good place to start you off. Better yet, you can partner with a good local advertising agency. They know the ins and outs of the Brazilian market, and they can help you to become localized.

Cláudio Loureiro Head Advertisement is one of the advertising agencies you shouldn’t bypass as you search for an advertising agency in Brazil. It is the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil with 25 years of existence in the market. Cláudio Loureiro is a founding partner of the Heads Propaganda. Mr. Loureiro is known for his creative way of thinking when it comes to advertising. In fact, he has brought great advertising innovations to the country. With customers, such as SEBRAE, LIGHT, Volvo and Petrobras Cláudio Loureiro, Heads Advertisement will certainly guarantee you success in your marketing efforts.

The beliefs, intricacies, and even superstitions of Brazil can make or break your business. Know the culture of Brazil and immerse yourself in it. Do not assume that the marketing strategies of your domestic market are transplantable to Brazil. Revise your selling points to fit into the Brazilian market.

A Great Man And A Great Company

Flavio Maluf is the brains behind the production company name Eucatex. Eucatex is a very known company, because it is an international company that markets doors, paint, laminate floors, and ceiling tiles. Flavio Maluf is the current president of the company, and he became president of Eucatex group in 1997. Maluf is a very intelligent man that started off his career as a mechanical engineer. He went to college because that was something that he was very passionate about, and also he hoped to be able to use his passion in the family business.

Maluf has been president of Eucatex company for many years, and his uncle was the president before he was. After graduating from college Flavio went on to study in the United States for about a year, later he moved back home and married his wife Jaqueline. He and his wife have five lovely children, and they are located in Brazil. When Flavio went back to the United States he dived himself right back into the family business. He began to work in the trade section of the company, and later he went on to the industrial section. Flavio’s family encouraged him to grow the company, and that encouragement as well as his own innovations helped him to help the company to thrive. Now Eucatex continues to be one of Brazil’s leading production companies, and the success of the company is do much to Flavio’s innovation.

Eucatex has been a company that works in the industrial production market for many years. They first opened up their mill in 1951, and they are still a leader in the Americas when it comes to innovation and the environment. At a time when many other companies were not thinking about the environment, Eucatex was thinking about ways to use natural resources in order to help the environment. Eucatex uses eucalyptus in the production of its hard boards, and ceiling tiles. Over the years the products that Eucatex has offered have expanded, and now they deal with things such as paint, laminate, and walls as well. Eucatex is a very unique company that exports its products to more than 37 countries around the world, and they have offices in more than four different countries in other areas as well.

Eucatex is an innovative company that has the mission of using natural resources in a way that generates renewable products. Even though Eucatex keeps their cost competitive, they always promote social and economical growth within their company. Eucatex maintains good working conditions for all of its employees and they strive to integrate the communities in which they work. Eucatex is a company that focuses on teamwork and results, and they are a company that always strives for excellence. Eucatex has a commitment to its employees, the community, and their clients. Eucatex truly is a unique company not only in Brazil, but in the entire world.

Injury Attorney Dan Newlin Opens New Offices In Chicago

If you have been a victim in the past and want just compensation, there is an attorney that you should contact as soon as possible. His name is Dan Newlin. He and his team of skilled attorneys are located in Southern and Central Florida. Plus, they just opened a brand new office in Chicago, so they can now assist more people in a broader area with their accident recovery needs. If you or someone you know has been injured or a victim of negligence, then you have no better place to turn. Call Dan as soon as possible. He is highly qualified and decorated as a Sheriff while serving on the police force in Florida, so he really knows the business. Now, it’s even easier to get in contact with his offices by calling #DAN from your mobile device.

New Chicago Offices

The offices for Dan Newlin’s attorneys just opened in Chicago, Illinois in 2014. They still have the same great leadership from Dan Newlin. Dan founded his firm and holds strong beliefs that people deserve to get back what they have lost due to the wrongful actions of other individuals. His Chicago offices share the same distinct qualities as the offices that were established in South Florida and Central Florida. They are doing great things in the way of personal injury recovery. There is really no better place for someone to turn. They help people who were victims in auto accidents, wrongful death, workplace misconduct, elderly abuse victims, DUI accident victims and others as well. Give Dan Newlin a call today to speak with a well qualified employee who will place you in touch with the right attorney for your needs. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Highly Qualified To Meet Your Needs

Dan Newlin has loads of experience in his field of helping other people get justice. He joined the police force in Indiana when he was 20 years old. He took what he learned there to Florida. In Florida, he worked at their police force until he earned the high rank of Sheriff. This experience was vital to starting his firm and maintaining good client relations. Dan hires only the best and brightest attorneys to work closely with each client. When you call into the office, they will screen you to make sure that they have all the details needed for placing you in touch with the right attorney. If an attorney isn’t available at the time of your call, then they will contact you post haste. Instead of remembering a long 10 digit phone number, current clients can call #DAN to get in contact.

Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital Share Leadership Tips

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm based in NY. The firm gained most of its success under Stephen Murray, their former CEO and President. It was because of the leadership of Stephen Murray of that the firm scaled such heights and became a household name when it comes to private equity investments. CCMP Capital itself is known for its honest and transparent dealing but more than anything, the firm is famous in the industry for being an outstanding example of leadership. Young entrepreneurs can learn a lot from CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray.

Here are some leadership lesson that young leaders and new firms can learn by following Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital –

Great Leaders Are Made By Great Employees – If the employees aren’t great, a leader would not be able to generate great results, no matter what is done. This is why great leaders always focus on their employees’ needs and train them regularly to ensure that the entire organization can feel the benefits of it.

Leaders Should Find Time To Unwind To Maintain Efficiency Levels – Leaders are all, ultimately,humans and therefore, they need time to wind down from the breakneck work speed and relax with their family and friends. Leaders should be encouraged to take time off every once in a while. CCMP Capital encourages the same in its leaders and the results are for all to see.

Good Leaders Aren’t Afraid of Failure – When a leader considers failure to be a turn in the road to success, the employees lose their fear as well and start performing better than expectations.

Innovation Is Necessary In Leadership – Because of how dynamic the corporate world has become, the same old leadership style doesn’t work anymore. Thus, leaders need to be innovative in their approach when it comes to team mates. Cookie cutter leadership styles are discouraged at CCMP Capital and instead, the firm encourages leaders to try their personal leadership techniques.

Trust is The Glue That Binds A Leader To Team Members – Members of the team can only trust their leader when there is openness in communication, candor in behaviour and honestly in the firm. Trust is the most important thing that all leaders should try to cultivate with their members.

Another thing that sets apart CCMP Capital from its competitors is its focus on the human resource of the organization. The firm is staffed by the best professionals in the industry and as such, CCMP Capital has been able to maintain high standards of work throughout its life. This, in turn, has led to profits and goodwill for the firm and by following the above tips, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

Susan McGalla and the Businesswoman of Today

The past hundred years have seen a vast increase in the conversation about women in the workplace. Since the early 1900s, the number of women in the workforce has been increasing. Today an estimated 46.9% of the current workforce is made up women. You would think by this time good advise from experienced businesswomen would be abundant. However, it is unfortunately often difficult for many beginning businesswomen to find sound advice from experienced businesswomen about how to be a successful businesswoman. Enter Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Consulting, LLC, and extremely experienced and capable businesswoman.

She has been very passionate about sharing good advice with female business newbies. McGalla advises them to strive to be seen not as merely females but as professionals first and foremost. She said she was fortunate to have actually been raised to not base her actions and decisions by her womanhood. As a result of this upbringing, she has been fortunate in her adult business life to have the capability of working equally well with both men and women.

Her first work experience came in 1994 when she joined the executive team of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla’s upbringing came in handy as she became the first female executive in the company. She was so successful there that she ascended to become president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Although McGalla has moved on from American Eagle, she has through the years retained the work ethic of her youth. In fact, now as her own boss with her own consulting company, she has much more freedom to exercise her business beliefs. And her vast experience has helped her form other beliefs about how to be a successful businesswoman. In fact, she is a much sought after speaker on suc matters at conventions and meeting for businesswomen.

She believes it is incredibly important to get a good business education. She strongly believes that if the quality of the present female workforce is to remain, an emphasis on a quality university education must also remain. Fortunately, there is presently no need to worry about this because enrollment for females in business education programs continues to get higher and higher. However, this quality education is really only beneficial if these educated businesswomen maintain a steadfast confidence as they navigate the business world.

McGalla says that it can be very easy for new females to become overly intimidated upon first entering the business workforce. They may tend to start thinking that they don’t really belong in any of the top business positions because only men are suited for that. In this way, businesswoman might hold themselves back from their full potential.

Understanding The Functions Of An Investment Bank

The world of investment banking is exciting but can also be challenging. The talented individuals who work in this field hve a unique set of qualifications that aid them in offering sound investment advice for their clients. The investment banker has both in field experience and college education.

This demanding field of work entails long hours. Many of these hours are spent in research related tasks. The research that the investment banker performs surrounds watching market trends, the health and financial stability of companies offering stocks on the market, as well as investigation into emerging markets.

Individuals such as James Dondero on started their careers analyzing and researchibg. His first position was as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager. Both of these positions entail massive amounts of research. His conmpetency and proven track record over a 30 year career led to his co-founding and eventual Presidency of Capital Management.

Mr. Dondero now manages over $21 billion in assets. His specialty is in credit strategies. The company that he heads offers different investment strategies to their clients in order to help them grow wealth and have the capital needed for business ventures.

Among some of the strategies that Capital Management uses include emerging markets, long and short term equities, and natural resources. The research and hours of analysis that goes into the investment professionals recommendations assures that each client is getting the best advice based not only on what the market can bear, but also on their personal level of risk.

Dealing with the financial portfolios of clients is an important part of what the investment professional does. In doing this they have to make judgment calls based on a number of different factors. One such factor is the risk assessment. This entails how much the client can absorb if they experience losses.

The investment bankerr will also look at the clients’ present financial standing and any financial instruments they presently own. This is done to determine if changes are needed and how to better diversify the clients’ portfolio. Once all the assessments are made, then advice and suggestions are given for the client to choose from.

Investment banking also focuses on raising capital for corporations and organizations. This is done through the acquisition of securities. Advice to companies is offered to help corporate professionals know the best way to gain and maintain their edge financially in their specific market niche.

Investment banks do not accept deposits. This is not the nature of these banks. They primarily function to help raise capital for theclients. While some banks will offer deposit services, this will be located in a different branch. These banks will also offer investment services to both corporateand private individuals.