Drumroll…The Best Lacrosse Camp in the Country Is…

Lacrosse camps are recommended for lacrosse players who have a desire to develop their skill even further. There are two benefits to attending a lacrosse camp. The first benefit is the fact that it is a great opportunity to meet professionals who have experience playing on an upper level lacrosse team. The other benefit is the fact that each individual professional coach has the ability to look at each player and notice particular skills and techniques that can be improved.
One lacrosse camp in particular that is both prestigious and well respected is Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse camp. This lacrosse camp is geared towards young and enthusiastic lacrosse players who are looking to develop their skills even further. The Next Level Lacrosse camp is a camp that takes place in Colorado and has experienced coaches who have been trained by the best coaches and who have trained with the best teammates.

The goal of the Next Level Lacrosse camp is to exam each player as an individual. By doing this, each player can be helped for the purpose of refining their special skill in lacrosse. Every coach, working for this program will help each youth find their special skill that will cater to the player’s interest, style, as well as their field position.

The Next Level Lacrosse camp was established in 2011 by a man named Jon Urbana. Urbana himself has had a long career in lacrosse that started as far back as high school. Mr. Urbana, in his lacrosse career, has received numerous awards for his athletic achievement. One of the greatest achievements that Mr. Urbana has accomplished is making the Tewaaraton watch-list. The creation of this lacrosse camp gave him the opportunity to teach youths the skills and techniques (see Urbana’s training tutorials here) that he and his fellow professional coaches have learned over the years through experience.

The coaches who work at the Next Level Lacrosse camp are all of top quality. The three main coaches include Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic, as well as Ryan Tucker. Tyler German was a University of Virginia lacrosse captain who was later drafted for the Major League Team Boston Cannons. Sergio Perkovic played at University of Notre Dame and was All-American. Lastly, Ryan Tucker was a Tewaaraton finalist and was a NCAA All-American who attended University of Virginia.

All of these coaches who make up the Next Level Lacrosse family are all eager to meet youths who have a passion for lacrosse. With the head coach and prolific tweeter Jon Urbana, having over 15 years of experience, these coaches are more than qualified to improve any lacrosse skill. The goal of this camp is to have each individual grow their strengths for the purpose of conditioning them for the upcoming lacrosse seasons.

Bruce Levenson Leads UCG Media Company to Growth but Sells Atlanta Hawks NBA Team

A company that started as a small startup by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz, it saw the birth of UCG, which has become a leading entity specializing in news and data analysis. UCG, which represents United Communications Group, was formed through a concerted effort of Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson back in 1977. It was housed in a storeroom within an apartment that belonged to Levenson in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The company was a newsletter that reported news and stories relating to the oil industry growth and development. This newsletter used given the name Oil Express. The company progressed and expanded, something that saw it widen its range of newsletter publications.

United Communications Group then started a number of databases, which included Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). OPIS database has become a leading source for news and pricing for natural gas, LPG, refined products, renewable fuels, and other products in the energy sector.

UCG has also advanced to provide news as well as data and analysis services for businesses within a diverse range of sectors such as technology, healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, and telecommunications. Not only that, ECG offers a mobile app, which has been helping motorists to be able to locate low priced gas. This apps is named Gas Buddy, and it allows motorists to know where the nearest low gas prices are found.

The apps help drivers save money by discovering the gas stations that offering low prices. In addition to venturing in the media technology sector, Levenson and Ed Peskowitz had also invested in the NBA team ownerships. These two entrepreneurs together with Todd Foreman owned the Atlanta Hawks team until recently when it went on sale. They gained ownership of Atlanta Hawks sometimes in 2004 in a purchase deal that was facilitated through another company they had formed known as Atlanta Spirit LLC.

Levenson and his partners founded Atlanta Spirit LLC in 2004. This company was founded to help necessitate the purchasing of Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks, and Philips Arena’s operation rights. These were bought from a broadcasting company known as Turner Broadcasting System, which today bears the name Time Warner.

On 7 September 2014, the ownership of Hawks started changing hands. On this date, Levenson announced his intention to sell the shares he controlled in the team. It was not so long after that announcement; the other partners also arrived on the same decision and said they would too want to sell their controlling interest. The partners in the ownership of Hawks agreed to sell their share in January 2015.

The Hawks team was purchased by a group that was taking part in the bidding process. Tony Ressler was working closely with his group in the auction bidding process for Hawks Atlantic, and they managed to win the bid. Ressler and his group had an opportunity to take the ownership of Hawks by agreeing to pay $850 million. This price was above what they had bided. Ressler’s group had initially offered a bidding price of $730 million.

QNet Sucessfully Serves Their Clients And The Community

Vijay Eswaran, co-founder and Executive Chairman of QNet, hasled his direct selling company to unprecedented success.
As a result, this profitable company was selected as a
winner of the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in 2015. The
honorable award ceremony was held at the beginning of the year in Hong
Kong, China. Notably, this distinguished recognition acknowledges
corporations who have maintained a supportive employment environment.
Remarkably, since 1998, QNet has maintained over 14,500 distributors
from the United States, Asia, Africa, India, Europe, and the Middle
East and has generated revenue totaling over $430 in sales; therefore,
this lucrative corporation is revered as one of the leading
multi-level marketing companies in the world.

With nearly twenty years of strategic business experience, Vijay
Eswaran is uniquely qualified to oversee the corporation’s direct
selling operations. Throughout the years, he has successfully served
as the Chief Executive Officer in which he is often presented with the
opportunity to share the company’s wellness services and products with
healthy minded individuals in over 100 countries across the globe.
Essentially, QNet acts as a customer advocate, supplying their patronswith a comprehensive selection of beneficial offerings that promoteoverall great physical, mental, and financial conditions. These
revolutionary services include skincare, jewelry, nutrition, vacation
packages, educational courses, weight management, personal care, air
purification, water filtration, and telecommunications. Furthermore,
Eswaran and his team strives to exceed the expectations of their
consumers by maintaining a vegetarian philosophy, as a result, their
ingestible products are manufactured without meat ingredients. Most
prominently, the QNet employees always embody excellence, expertise,
and confidence when promoting their unprecedented wellness offerings.

Alongside his noteworthy leadership at the renowned company, Eswaran
is also a published author and motivational speaker. Moreover, his
most popular books, “In the Sphere of Silence,” “In the Thinking
Zone,” and “18 Stepping Stones,” encompass many elements of spiritual
development pertaining to personal and professional reflection.
Notably, he also includes his inspiring thoughts in many of his
speaking engagements such as the World Economic Forum and the sixth
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India. Remarkably, he believes daily
meditation is essential to acquiring great success in life.

Eswaran’s sustained success has encouraged him to manage QNet’s
participation in many philanthropic activities. Amazingly, this
influential businessman created the RHYTHM Foundation which supports
the team’s passion for serving the underprivileged individuals around
the world including children with special needs and community
development and wellbeing. In order to accomplish their outreach
goals, QNet has partnered with many international institutions
including: Better Nepal Foundation, Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society,
United Nations World Food Programme, Foundation of Goodness, School of
the Death and Mute, Sri Sri University, and the The Akshya Trust.

Healthcare Management and Development Company Proves that Quality Pays

There are a million things that go into establishing and running a top notch medical or surgical facility. Everyone is familiar with the stress intense pressure put on surgeons, their surgical support staff, doctors, nurses and various healthcare support professionals. The day-to-day patient care responsibilities seem never ending, but there is another side to healthcare. One that is vital to successfully operate a facility. The people who do the difficult business of developing and managing medical facilities are the unsung heros of healthcare. At the top of this profession is Nobilis Health.

What was formerly referred to as Northstar Healthcare and Athas Health have been absorbed into the company known as Nobilis Health Corp. This publicly traded company owns and operates nine different surgical facilities located in Houston. TX, Dallas, TX, and Scottsdale, AZ. There are six other medical facilities with which the company has a contractual partnership. Those are located in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Tennessee. Their marketing strategies include direct-to-patient marketing along with the inclusion of technologies that encourage patients to engage. Their fiscal management and marketing approach are among the many reasons Nobilis has achieved the monetary success it has. The financial growth in Nobilis Health has been significant and steady according to the consolidated balance sheets for the corporation and its subsidiaries.

Managing the numbers certainly isn’t the only reason that Nobilis Health Corp has received such well deserved recognition. This experienced and well established company is in charge of running facilities that have a variety of specialties. Some of those specialties include spine surgery, general surgery, podiatry, and pain management. Many of these specialties have improved the techniques of their procedures, making them quicker with less recovery time, thanks to the impeccalbe managerial eye of Nobilis Health. Investing in more advanced surgical technologies allow surgeons to assist more patients while putting them at less risk by using minimally invasive procedures. In order to make surgical and medical facilities the absolute best they can be, Nobilis has been dedicated to attracting, training, and retaining sugeons and doctors of the highest calibre. Regardless of whether or not there is a fiscal growth, Nobilis is committed to providing the patients in each of their facilites the absolute best the healthcare profession has to offer. This means keeping the staff current on state of the art equiptment and techniques.

The medical professionals may get all the glory, but the development and management obligations of running a hospital or clinic are often unnoticed and unthanked. It’s companies like Nobilis that keep their eyes on the big picture so that the Medical staff can concentrate on keeping their eyes on their patients. Their eye for opportunities to grow financially have earned this company its sterling reputation and investment appeal, but Nobilis Health’s dedication to quality care has undoubtedly been the key to its success.

Status Labs Leaves Its Clients Feeling Great

Status Labs is a company that helps people to keep a good reputation online. It knows the importance of keeping its clients clean and safe online, since most people are getting online nowadays, and it has helped many people to keep from ruining themselves or their businesses. Status Labs is a company that is very knowledgeable about everything when it comes to online reputation management, and many people have come to be very grateful for the work that it has done for them. They are glad that there is a company out there that cares so greatly about keeping them safe from all of the harm that could come to them online.
When a business or individual has something bad said about them online it is hard to get it to disappear. People will see it and quickly form their opinions. And that is just not fair for the one who is having bad things said about them, especially if the things said are untrue. And that is where Status Labs comes in. This company is there to keep its clients safe from all of the harm that can come to them online. When someone chooses to hire Status Labs to protect them they will be able to know that their online image will be kept cleaner than it ever has been before. They will be able to feel more relaxed about what is going on online than they have been able to before because they can know that people will not be making a harsh judgement about them based off of what they see online.
Status Labs is a great company for every business or individual who cares about what is being said about them online to look into. Those who want to keep a good reputation in every way are going to want to go to Status Labs to get the protection that they need when it comes to all that is being said about them online. The company should be able to keep them clean, safe and secure. The company knows how to fix things that have gone wrong, and how to prevent bad things from happening online, and those facts should leave its clients feeling great.

Kyle Bass Resorts To Unethical Business Practices To Maintain His Wealth And Prominence

Kyle Bass, hedge-fund manager and founder of Hayman Capital Management, rose quickly to prominence and wealth for predicting in 2006, the 2008 subprime mortgage disaster. As a result, he gained for himself, a reputation for being a financial genius. That was one incident of short-lived glory. The subprime mortgage catastrophe was Bass’s fifteen minutes of fame, but it seems he refuses to fade quietly into the background and go back to his once unexceptional life. Instead, he is trying to remain in the spotlight and maintain his wealth, by using unethical business practices, having questionable political and business affiliations, and resorting to extortion.

Useful Stooges originally brought up that Bass has a political affiliation with controversial Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is responsible for driving her country’s once thriving economy into the ground. He constantly flaunts his association with her and defends Kirchner’s incompetent economic policies, ignoring the blatant fact that she and her corrupt political associates have basically stolen from their own people. Kirchner and her political associates are responsible for causing poverty levels to skyrocket in a nation that was once wealthy and prosperous. Bass is suspected of being one of Kirchner’s corrupt associates.

As in an investor in General Motors, Bass has also proclaimed on national TV that GM wasn’t to blame for the fatalities caused by airbags failing to deploy and defective power steering in GM cars. These were problems that GM had knowledge of, but did nothing about, but instead, placed blame on the dead victims themselves, accusing them of either being drunk while driving or failing to wear seatbelts.

Bass is also culpable of collusion with Erich Spangenberg, in which they target certain pharmaceutical companies. Their objective is to short-sell pharmaceutical companies’ stocks, by disputing the companies’ drug patents through a deceptive organization, called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, that Bass had specifically set up for this purpose. Their collusion practices caused targeted companies’ stocks to plummet. Bass would buy the pharmaceutical companies’ stocks at a significantly lowered price (so he can sell the stocks high in the future), which would cause the companies’ pharmaceutical prices to go up, and at the same time, their ability to fund medical research goes down. As a result, millions of people who depend on those pharmaceutical medications to improve their health and quality of life, suffer. In response to Bass’s unfounded patent challenges, Celgene, the pharmaceutical company that was his largest target, filed charges against Bass for extortion, to which he admitted he was motivated by profit, but then he justified his actions by claiming that pharmaceutical companies are also powered by financial self-interest, just as he is. The government agency, Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB), is considering a heavy penalty for Bass for manipulating the system for his own financial gain using his patent challenges. Celgene did charge both, Bass and Spangenberg, with extortion, because Spangenberg had sent Celgene copies of patent-challenging petitions, threatening the company that he’d file them unless they compensate him financially.

Recently, Capitol Hill had proposed a bill that was motivated by Bass’s extortionist activities and it has easily cleared both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. Legislators hope that a law will be passed quickly, that will curtail Bass’s money making strategy. Also, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denied Bass’s first two patent challenges.

The Bravery Of Yeonmi Park

At a mere 13yrs old Yeonmi Park along with her mother fled the horrifying dictatorship in North Korea for the safety of China. Her father had informed them that they would all be fleeing to China but her older sister, Eunmi, fled early and so they were separated. In March 2007 Yeonmi and her mother fled but unfortunately her father had to stay behind. He was ill and feared that his illness would slow them down and possibly get them caught. They lived close to the Chinese border so their journey was not that distant. However, once in China they discovered that they had traded their horrible situation for something equally as bad. One of the traffickers that helped smuggle them into China threatened her and her mother. He told them that if she did not have sex with him that he would alert the authorities. Yeonmi’s mother saved her daughter and offered herself instead and so he raped her mother right before her eyes. This was not the end of their troubles.

In 2008, they were finally able to smuggle Yeonmi’s father into China. After his arrival he was diagnosed with colon cancer and sadly passed away some time later. Yeonmi and her mother were unable to mourn their loss. They could not even hold a funeral for their loved one for fear of being found out by the authorities. They buried him near a mountain. Yeonmi says that this time was extremely depressing because she couldn’t even tell anyone that her father had just passed away. She was prevented from mourning her loss. They managed to find their way to a Christian shelter in Qingdao, China. There is a heavy Korean population so they went about unnoticed from any authorities. The people at the shelter pulled some strings and managed to get them smuggled out of China cross Mongolia and seek safety in South Korea.

Once Yeonmi and her mother reached South Korea they managed to get jobs as waitresses. Yeonmi is now in Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. She’s pursuing a degree in criminal justice. She is a very avid human rights activist especially affairs involved in North Korea. She was very hesitant at first to speak her story of what happened to her and her family mostly because in North Korea they don’t have careers like counselors so she didn’t even know that she suffered from illnesses like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now that she’s opened up, such as speaking with the Washington Post, she feels more confident. She is glad that Kim Jong Un is spreading such foul propaganda about her. She sees it as she’s doing something right because if it wasn’t true he wouldn’t get so upset. It is her hope that Kim is severely punished for the treatment of his people. She believes that rectifying the two nations back into one whole country will not cause further segregation. She believes that they are all Koreans not Northern or Southern. Her memoir, In Order To Live, has caused quite a stir and even furthered her resolve when it comes to standing up for human rights.

Digital Reputation Building

Most of us have watched Scandal where the character Olivia Pope plays high-level crisis mitigation. Even though the series is basically dramatized, the job is a real life necessity. One such real life fixer is Status Labs president and a renowned Digital Crisis Expert Darius Fisher. His job description involves giving second chances to various public and powerful individuals, who have run into trouble with their online reputation management. Clients get a chance to give the other side of their story and basically hav the online damage to their reputation repaired.
With his expertise in Digital Data Crisis, Darius fisher leads the Status Labs in redeeming their client’s online appearance; whether that happens to be on social media or negating unfavourable Google Search results. Status Labs have their headquarters in Austin, Texas, with other offices located in New York and Sao Paulo.
Sometimes whether we get a job appointment, win a tender or generally get a nod of approval from corporate and corporate individuals depends largely, if not entirely; on how we presents ourselves online. Reputation is the feedback loop of the personal brand you represent. On the other hand, reputation management begins with the experience of the clients, who, when happy and satisfied with the services, will say good things about the brand and that will attract more clients.
Our brand begins with a story about ourselves. We share our story with the world through marketing. Our clients share the experiences they have with us, and their stories become our reputation. Your story is your life, your identity, how you began, your purpose for starting, what you strive to offer customers, your name, and your logo.
Your reputation is what other people say about you. Basically it would be covering grounds like timely delivery of work, whether you followed instructions, the work presentation and the manner of response to feedback. Whether or not you exceeded the customer expectations will ultimately determine the direction your online reputation will take. The goal of online reputation management is to use the internet to create competitive advantage.
Online reputation management includes
• having a website,
• online talent portal and business directory listings,
• public relations activity by means of blogging and other content,
• involvement in social media sites, and
• Building social profiles.
Reputation Management Strategies include such techniques as listening to what people say about you. Does what people say match what you think about yourselves? Secondly, strategize, such that the [arts of your business where online reputation management can have the biggest impacts on your clients. For example blogging allows your potential clients see what you can do. Lastly, reach out, engage and share sentiments with clients and potential clients.

Get Back in the Game with Skout

So your boyfriend dumped you and you’ve been feeling down in the dumps ever since. You might have even invited the girlfriend over to have a Netflix, ice cream and chill evening (plus a few bottles of wine) just so you can dish on that pig. Probably made you feel a little better, right? Well, how do you take that the next step? To really get back at him? No, you probably shouldn’t release a bunch of crickets into his bedroom or spray paint his car. While you might get a kick out of it, the police might get a pretty nice kick out of it as well. You need a different plan. Have you ever heard of the saying “the best revenge is to live well?” So what does that mean? It means you need to have the best life possible and they will see just what they are missing. So, put that can of paint away and get back onto the dating game horse with Skout. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll really show up your ex as well.

Working Out at Your Finger Tips

So, one of the most common ways to get back at someone is to just get into the best shape of your life. Really show them they made a huge mistake. Maybe you want to do this after downing a few pints of ice cream and after downing a few liters of wine (spread out over time, naturally). Or maybe you’d rather just get out there. That’s up to you, but whatever you do, once your ex sees that you are out, having fun and not with him? Well, he’ll start to feel jealous. He might even come crawling back. Excellent! Best of all, you don’t need him any longer, because you have Skout on instagram, the mobile dating app made to help you find the perfect match. Or at least to just have fun while searching.

Use it and Love It

Have you ever seen so many incredible guys, all in one spot? It is pretty tough to beat. This app puts hundreds of thousands of guys right into the palm of your hand. And what do you need to do to get that? Post a few of your favorite pics into your profile, jazz it up with some blurb about yourself, and there you have it. You can almost sit back and watch the guys start coming to you to check you out. Not too bad. And, you can message them back to get to know them a bit. Way better than hanging out at the bar and hoping the one guy you bump into is worth your time. With Skout, you can have conversations with dozens of guys at once and determine which of the group is the best of the best and which one you are going to have a great time with.

It’s time to get back on the dating horse and show your ex just what a mistake he made.

Brazilian Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf Helps The Local Manufacturing And Export Business

The country of Brazil has produced some of the greatest minds in the arts, politics, sports, activism and business. One of the beacons of light out of the largest South American country is Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf is a reflection of academic success merged with great entrepreneurial accomplishments as an executive leader in the construction, industrial, furniture and export sector.

Maluf has grown his family’s company, Eucatex, into a multi-million dollar per year empire. His determination has moved him up the corporate ladder within the Eucatex ranks where he initially started working in the trade department.

Through hard work and motivation, Maluf moved up the corporate chain and earned the responsibility to run and manage the the industrial department of the company. This appointment enabled him to solidify the infrastructure of the business, which resulted in a stronger foundation for the manufacturing and production side of the company. This appointment also reflected his ability to successfully oversee the heart and soul of Eucatex – manufacturing.

In true Maluf fashion he positioned himself to run the company, which resulted in his election by the company’s stakeholders to the position of president. This responsibility helped to solidify Mulaf and the company as a major competitor in the manufacturing and export of wood fiber sheets, acoustic ceilings, acoustic plates, insulating plates and quality furniture.
Maluf’s appointment as president was a testimony to his exceptional understanding of the inner workings of the business and to his ability to mold the face of the company. It also solidified new and existing business relationships with local and foreign vendors and wholesale customers.

As president, Mulaf exhibited his competitive and aggressive edge by spearheading the development of two new manufacturing facilities in Brazil. This expansion contributed to the growth of the company’s workforce, which was needed to handle the extra load of export requests from private sector industries and from large scale construction companies.

Maluf has always demonstrated his ambition from an early age, for education was the focal point of his personal development. His collegiate career is rooted in mechanical engineering where he studied at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, and he also studied administration at the famed New York University.

Maluf is an executive that has his finger on the pulse of modernization and innovation. He understands how the market works and how to lead and motivate the people that work for him. He is heralded for his relentless work ethic and high quality of standards.

Despite having a very busy schedule, Maluf makes time to participate in charity work for the less fortunate; he is an active member of various hospital and maternity initiatives throughout Brazil. Maluf is an executive that balances hard work with family values. He has been married for almost 30 years and he and his wife are active participants in the lives of their four children.