Susan McGalla’s Take on Being a Successful Business Woman in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is a prominent businesswoman on wikinvest and executive consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. She is one of the most influential women in the business world who have gone against the odd experiences and become as successful as she is. She has an excellent personality that has made her pummel the business world with full force. As a woman and a business executive, she has never fallen short of balancing family life and work. She simultaneously advanced through her career to climb the corporate ladder progressively during her childbearing years. McGalla, like all other successful businesswomen, has been confident in everything she undertook, and she learned this from her parents when she was still a small kid. She has maintained the notion that people will always view her as she portrays herself.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that provides a range of advice to clients on matters regarding the fashion and retail industry. Her consulting firm serves a broad variety of high-profile personalities in the finance sectors even top names from Wall Street. She has incredibly vast knowledge about the retail and marketing industry where she outsources it to her consulting firm that offers insight into the complexities of the industry. The firm offers services such as but not limited to marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies and branding.

Susan McGalla lived in East Liverpool, Ohio with her parents and her two older brothers. Her father was a local football coach in the area, and he was adamant with his kids and never cut Susan any slack because of her gender. Her parents instilled very important teachings of pursuing anything with hard work and presenting her ideologies with confidence. She was also taught that gender was never a beneficial factor in achieving success. She has always lived according to these cords and has made her successful in the corporate world.

McGalla’s career kicked off in 1986 when she worked at Joseph Horne Company in different marketing and administrative posts until 1994. Currently, she is prominently known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Where she started working in various managerial and marketing positions. She was a hardworking and creative staff who implemented her decisions with utmost confidence. Her efforts were noticeable, and she became the president and chief merchandising officer for the flagship American Eagle brand and later the president and CEO of the whole company. Susan is also well-known as the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc., a company that hails her for improving product quality and trends. After parting ways with Wet Seal Inc, McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm she had dreamt of establishing since she left American Eagle.

McGalla is an example of an outstanding role model to women who are still pursuing their dreams. She is always ready to share her stance to other women and has done so for various audiences such as at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.

Types of Wikipedia Edits

Typically, Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning that there are no restrictions to those that can edit its unprotected pages to upgrade articles for its extensive readers. Despite how minor an edit might seem Wikipedians contribute a lot to the Wikipedia community to make business Wiki pages. The two methods used for editing the pages are the classic editing; wiki markup (wikitext) and the latest one; VisualEditor (VE).

How Get Your Wiki Can Help
Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki are also available to help through an edit. They also ensure that the information is from reliable and verified referenced sources as well as making sure it abides with Wikipedia’s formatting and the manual of style. The editors are also adept at translating Wikipedia pages and their professionalism spans to any language. So if you are on the verge to edit any page, worry less, the Wikipedia community at Get Your Wiki will help you interact ethically with its rules and guidelines. The company also offers monitoring services to make sure that new articles and edited ones are accurate. This is after they have created an article about anything such as an organization, an entity, corporation or a notable individual.

Wikipedia edits are categorized into two namely:

1. Minor edits – a minor edit is one that the editor perceives does not require significant review and it is not subject to any violation. The minor edit selection is among the various options available to registered users only. The minor edit box indicates that only a few distinctions occur between the original content and the edited one including rearranging of text without restructuring content, formatting and presentational changes, typo corrections among others. Editors should not be discouraged from thinking that a minor edit devalues their endeavors.

2. Major edits – all edits are expected to maintain boldness, but there are a few things that ensure that major edits are done with a lot of ease. Before commencing with an edit, editors are required to share their editing changes on the article discussion/talk page. If the edit may take some time, the {{In use}} tag can minimize the occurrence of an edit conflict during the process of editing. At the end of editing, the addition of an edit summary helps in listing the changes made. These procedures increase the likelihood of an edit being accepted by the Wikipedia community.

Major edits, unlike minor edits, have to be keenly reviewed to ensure that they are accepted by all responsible editors. This is so since a major edit includes any change that completely influences the meaning of an article, be it a phrase or just a single word.

A major edit does not require accepting any standards but following the stipulated recommendations to the latter can maintain your edited content for long.

Beneful Helped My Dog When He Was Recovering

Sometimes, you have to go through problems before you realize how much someone means to you. I love my dog like how I love my children, but I almost lost my dog this past summer. I took the kids out with me to my sister’s house, and I was so happy to see my sister that I told the kids to take the dog out of the car and to lock the door. I’ve never had a problem with the kids locking the door before, but for some reason this time things went awry. I had been inside the house for only an hour, and I saw the kids, but I didn’t see the dog anywhere.

I looked outside to see if I could find the dog, but he was nowhere to be found. I asked the kids where the dog was, and the look on my daughter’s face said it all. I ran toward the car to see the dog passed out in the backseat because he had been sitting in the car for almost the entire hour that I was at my sister’s house. I was absolutely terrified, and I called 911 to get some help. The person on the other end of the line had the nerve to tell me that I didn’t have an emergency that warranted calling 911, and they said I should bring my dog to the veterinarian.

I was very upset with the 911 call operator, but I still got emergency help anyways, and we were able to get the dog to the veterinarian in time to save his life. I’ll never forget that day because I almost lost my dog, and my kids really realized that we all made a mistake. It took a while for the dog to become normal again, and I had to ensure that she was hydrated every single day. I gave her an excessive amount of water, and I had to feed her the best food I could think of, which is Beneful.

I had never bought Beneful before, but after getting suggestions from the veterinarian about how to make my dog better, that’s when I decided to buy some Beneful on I felt so awful about what happened to my dog, and I was terrified to bring her anywhere in the car again. Months passed, and the dog got a lot better, and I also continued buying Beneful for the dog. I noticed that she had a lot more energy after eating Beneful, compared to the dog food that she was eating before. I also feel that after the near-death experience that the dog seems to appreciate us much more, and we also appreciate her as well.

Notre Dame Athletics In Fighting Form

matt landis notre dame

Nothing can compare to college football. While the high school games are super, college games are even more exciting. What is also nice is that they lack the big-time money and celebrity players from the professional format. The enthusiasm the game generates from fans cannot compare to much else, somehow like what was experienced at the football season opening game at the University of Notre Dame recently. This was the long awaited game between the Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish and the Texas Longhorns and worth it as Notre Dame won 38-3.
matt landis photo

The fall practice is not just for eager fans but it also is used to assist players to get comfortable with the pace, game terms and basic routines. Beginning his 27th season with the Fighting Irish as dedicated coach, Kevin Corrigan is responsible for the university’s men’s lacrosse program reaching extraordinary goals and the new season is full of promising new talent.
matt landis locker room
One young man with no complaints about putting in at least 30 hours weekly of practice is defenseman Matt Landis. The newest member of the Fighting Irish is athletically gifted and is aware of what is expected of him on the field. While enrolled at Pelham Memorial he enjoyed time on the hockey and football teams. While a sophomore and junior, the youngster was also the football team’s star defensive MVP all-state linebacker due to his skills, fitness and ability to work as a team member. Landis was also bestowed with the honor of the week’s Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player early in 2015.
matt landis pelham
Matt Landis decided to attend Notre Dame not only for its impressive scholastic and sporting programs but it is a school community that bonds well together. He also realizes that a Notre Dame education is something that he will use every day of his life. Besides putting in the hours of football practice he also is focusing hard on his classes for his chosen major in finance.

Like we witness every year, football fans are getting ready for what they feel is to be the best ever season. With training, patience and lots of practice, it definitely will be. While last year’s great players may be gone, the Fighting Irish have much to cheer about currently, particularly with players like Matt Landis. To read

Alexei Beltyukov: A Renowned Figure in the Technology World

A philanthropist and entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian businessman who formed Endemic Capital as a resource for provision of angle funding for start-up companies in Russia. He has also founded a number of organizations to help his country men and woman succeed in business, or enroll in business schools.
Since 2007, Beltyukov has managed several companies, most of which he founded. He has managed Mechanics, a car repair business; New Gas Technologies, venture project in petroleum industry; and A-Ventures Ltd, an asset management company that manages more than $400 million. Beltyukov also secured a contract with the Russian government, providing economic support and guidance through an organization known as Skolkovo Foundation, where he also sits as the company’s vice president. He sees that opportunities and grants are provided for start-ups in the technology industry, as well as business people who are looking to expand their businesses through Russia.

Alexis Beltyukov has attained a Masters degree, majoring in business administration. He graduated from the INSEAD in 1997, giving him an opportunity to showcase his skills and talent in the business and technology world. In 2003-2004, he was appointed the vice president of Brunswick Capital, an investment company based in Russia. Here he launched the business of leasing rail cars, which happens to be among the top 3 in the industry, boasting more than 10,000 rail cars to date.

In 2004, Beltyukov was appointed the Executive Director of Renova Project, a management company that’s part of Renova Group, and later CEO and Board Member. His portfolio at the company included launching new ventures, strategy design and implementation of disposals, and asset acquisitions, of which he saw 27 deals closed. He was also involved in consolidating equity stakes, change of management teams, business restructuring, rebranding and the establishment of corporate governance systems.

Beltyukov debuted with SOLVY, his latest entrepreneurial endeavor, at the Edsurge’s tech conference on April, 2015. He shared and exchanged feedback regarding SOLVY, his interactive educational software, with professionals and experts in the field of teaching. Hundreds of administrators, tech coordinators and teachers attended the event to explore leading products that were showcased.

Alexis Beltyukov said that the goal of his software was to help teachers manage and understand better the progress of their students by offering them feedback when they were not in class. Today, the software helps high schools have an edge when it comes to math education, which it achieves by increasing comprehension and making the subject accessible.

Doe Deere Helps Women To Be Brave In Their Looks

Every woman views beauty differently. Every woman has a different goal in mind when she is putting on her makeup, because every woman is different. Every person is unique, and it is time that women started realizing that as they purchase their makeup. They should not buy just anything when they go to the store, but instead they need to think about what they like. They need to consider the makeup brands and all of their options, and then they need to pick the kind that is best for their looks. It’s okay to be unique with one’s makeup. Everyone has a different idea of what they think is beautiful, and it is time that women let their unique beauty show through.
Doe Deere believes that woman should try to express themselves through their makeup, and that is the reason that she has put a lot of careful thought into the colors and styles of the makeup offered from her brand. She wants women to feel that they can do anything that they want to do, and they can can be anyone who they want to be, when they put the makeup on from her brand. She gives women the chance to have some fun with their makeup, and she allows them to have the chance to show who they are through it.
Born and raised in Russia, Doe Deere on didn’t let anything stop her from taking hold of the American dream when she got to this country. She wanted to start up her own business, so she took the limited amount of cash that she had to do that with, and she made her business happen. She was not afraid to set out toward a goal that might have seemed unrealistic to some, but instead she believed in herself and what she was doing enough to make her dream of a makeup brand become a reality.
There are too many women out there who are afraid of expressing themselves and showing who they are inside. They should be able to show who they are through the makeup that they wear, but they too often feel scared to try to be unique with their makeup. And it is time for all of that to change. With the brand of makeup that Doe Deere has created women can now pick something up that is unique to them, and that will help them to look more like themselves than they’ve ever looked before.

There’s a Life outside Citadel

The mention of the name Ken Griffin reminds one about hedge fund businesses. However, the hedge fund guru does well in other fields too. Kenneth is a business magnate that has prospered in the various aspects of life.

Personal Life

Kenneth is a proud husband of Anne Dias-Griffin, the Aragon Global Management founder, another prominent hedge fund. The couple has three children. He is a religious follower of the Fourth Presbyterian Church. In the year 2011, he donated $11 million to construct a new chapel for the Church. The $38.2 million modern building was named “The Gratz Center” in honor of his grandparents.

Art collection

Ken Griffin is famed as one of the world’s most dynamic art buyers. He has even devoted some of his spare time to patronage and collection of art. In 1999, he reportedly bought Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl; Paul Cezanne’s painting at a record $60 million. In 2006, he bought False Start by Jasper Johns at $80 million from David Geffen, the Dreamworks co-founder. Griffin donated $19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago, which was designed by the legendary Renzo Piano. The Paul Cezanne paintings that were bought by the tycoon have as well been given to the Institute on loan.


In the year 2012, Griffin admitted that he was a member of the Reagan Republican. After the 2007-2008 financial upheaval, he made political campaigns and donations to various political candidates, organizations, and parties that endorsed his opinion of limited government. The beneficiaries included the American Crossroads, Republican Governors Association, and Restore Our Future. The suave entrepreneur backed Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential candidacy. He also donated to Eric Cantor and Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. Griffin gave $2.5 million to Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Rauner.


Griffin has given around $500 million in support of various noble causes, including dozens of millions of organizations in Chicago. In 2006, the Griffins together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the opening of Woodlawn High School, a charter school in Chicago. In October 2009, together with his dear wife, he founded Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. The contributions include a whopping $10 million for Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and another $16 million for the Children’s Memorial Hospital inclusive of funding of the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center among others. The Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center in Chicago is a trial educational designed to experiment whether investing in educators or parents yields better academic performance. Through the Citadel Group Foundation, he has donated to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Chicago Public Library.

The generous investor also has contributions to Robin Hood Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art, the “Evolving Planet”, and the Field Museum of Natural History. He has also contributed to the professorships at the University of Chicago. In the year 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard University, his alma mater mainly to be used in need-based undergraduate monetary aid. In the year 2015, Griffin gave $10 million to the famous Museum of Contemporary Art based in Chicago.

Why Slyce Belongs To A League Of Its Own When Matters Related To Digital Shopping Are Concerned

Slyce is a company well known for its unique product recognition platform. It makes it possible for users to identify easily and purchase items that they see in the real world after they simply take a photo of the same. This platform exists for both the consumer and as a white label solution that is integrated into retailer technologies that are already in existence. The unique and phenomenal thing about this platform is the fact that it is used on both the desktop and on mobile devices.

When it comes to retailers, it allows them to be at the customer’s point of interest because when they see something they like, they can instantly take a photo, search and after being provided with matching results, make a purchase. Retailer outlets that have integrated this platform with their inventory have seen an upsurge in the sales volume. It also plays a very integral role in them knowing which products are moving fast and which have the highest popularity. In simpler terms, the platform allows retailers to have a stress free inventory updating that can in no way be compared to when it is done manually.

Slyce was intrinsically founded by two technology lovers who saw the need to make shopping less a hustle when done offline. The two fathomed the smartphone and its continued popularity when matters related to using the internet and interacting as the most potential avenue for their brilliant idea. Originally, Slyce was just a consumer technology company that had a pivoted service to a considerable B2B market.

With time, the company started moving towards building partnerships with leading consumer brands and providing them with the technology as a mobile commerce solution. The amazing platform provided a seamless way where consumers could discover and then purchase whatever item they come across and like regardless of the location they are in. The platform simplifies things in matters related to impulse buying and ownership.

With time, Slyce recognized that being just good at visual search was not enough for the market place. That is it they fused video and image recognition in the platform to make it better. When compared to other platforms offering similar service, Slyce is way beyond in the sense that it has improved features. Users do not need to necessarily include the logo text or packaging details of a product so as to get matching results like with other platforms.

Slyce came up at a time when everything else was being fused with technology and the internet to provide seamless results. Making shopping fun was the best decision because the company has and will experience even bigger growth in the years to come because people will continue to do shopping and the more they are thrilled while at it, the better.

Susan McGalla Is an Excellent Example of a Successful Businesswoman

It would be difficult to find a woman in the business world who had developed a better reputation as a businesswoman than Susan McGalla. She found her niche early and worked her way to the position of president even though she was the only woman in a male environment. Susan attributes this success to her parents who accepted everything she did on an equal basis with her two brothers. Susan says she never felt the need to express herself only as a female employee, but simply worked hard.

Advancing in American Eagle

Ms. McGalla makes a tremendously positive statement for women on in a predominantly male business world. Aside from a job with Joseph Home Company that she had right after graduating with a BA from Mount Union College, Susan stepped right into American Eagle Outfittings holding various management positions. She started at American Eagle in 1994, and she was a hard worker. Because of this, she says that she never felt a conflict with her male partners and she always felt her ideas and strategies were accepted on their own merit.

Despite that fact, American Eagle went through major transition within the company by adding more women to balance the culture. During the time that Ms. McGalla was advancing, she was in marketing and management positions until she became the president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

At this point, she was totally responsible for the Profits and Losses, all of the revenue, exceeding three billion dollars, four distinct brands and an e-commerce website. Retail business and management agreed with Susan McGalla, and she was very successful at Ameican Eagle. She enjoyed this time of preparation and maturing for her future.

Ms. McGalla Speaks and Encourages Other Businesswomen

The decisions she made affected the entire younger generation who were following her influence in the styles teens were buying. Susan sees this experience as extremely positive when she lectures in various arenas. She speaks on how to get ahead as a woman in business at the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and in the Speaker Series at Carnegie Mellon University.

Ms. McGalla hasn’t stopped there. When she left American Eagle in 2010, she left behind a corporation with a different culture. She never saw any glass ceilings nor responded to any if they were there. When she left, both male and females were working together in that business culture. Upon leaving, she took her career in her hands and became a consultant for those who were at the top in the finance world who needed an insider’s perspective in retail marketing and management.

Susa McGalla has also worked as a former CEO of Wet Seal Inc., she was a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Her most public and professional position has been the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers within her personal consultant office.

Susan McGalla hopes women will forget about the so-called “glass ceiling” and know that you can be successful on your own merit.

Wirth Thinks of Squaw Valley Future Beyond El Niño

“How was your winter?” Madeleine Brand got to the point with Andy Wirth on “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” Hosted on KCRW, Brand was interested in talking about the state of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley.

AnWirth conceded that it was “certainly a tough season”. What Stanford meteorologists called the “ridiculously resilient ridge” prevented low-pressure systems from coming into the mountains. This winter, Squaw Valley had an over 20% decline in ski resort attendance from last year.

Wirth was thinking beyond the next ski season, however. How many more winters will Squaw Valley last? Wirth implied that survival is not dependent on weather, but managing resources, solidifying finances, and predicting opportunities.

Resources: “We have become extremely good in the science in making snow”, he said, citing snow management with snowcat operators and work with meteorologists from Colorado State University. Wirth said the 6000 acres in the holdings are enough to have a ‘good time’. If it comes down to “4000 skiable acres, that’s pretty darn good”, he added.

Squaw Valley is not just considering changing weather, but how to reduce effect on the overall climate. Wirth pointed to moving from coal energy to renewable energy as one measure to reduce carbon footprint.

Finances: “Our capital structure is solid, we remain profitable . . . certainly we are not achieving the kind of results we know that we can, but we have the ability to withstand changes.” Nevertheless, he said that the key is to position the company to take advantage when volatile winter weather has increased snow and increased cold.

Opportunities: Wirth was optimistic because of summer events and weather predictions. Despite the threat of El Niño, the “ridiculously resilient ridge” blocks the warm winds from entering the mountain area. From that, Wirth predicted that Squaw Valley may have a colder winter than the past four years.

The ski resorts are “virtually sold out” for summer events like Iron Man, weddings, and meetings. He stated that the packed schedule is “all summer long”. On April 15, 2015, Wirth announced plans to build a base-to-base gondola for Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. Skiers and snowboarders welcomed the move, since it will be easier to travel between the two resorts. Skiers were not as supportive of plans to expand the base-area village.

Andy Wirth has been CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010. Before then, he has been a student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland; a Bachelors of Science graduate of Colorado State University; a back country ranger fighting wild-land fires in New Mexico; and a sales and marketing specialist in ski resorts for 24 years.