Skout uses location to allow people to make connections

Online dating is growing in popularity around the world and many users are looking for the best way of making sure the connection they make is a real one. Skout makes sure the connections being made are worthwhile as the location based service makes sure each and every person making a connection is located in the same area. Despite the issues many people have with GPS and other location based services being used to create a connection through Skout are subject to the security levels of the dating app and any further revealing of the location above a general area is subject to the decisions of the Skout user.

The Skout app uses technology that is built in to the majority of cellphones and other mobile devices. Skout uses the GPS technology found in most mobile devices to make sure that when a user signs onto the service they are given a group of possible connections that are located in the same approximate area. By using the GPS technology found in mobile devices the problem of people looking outside their area for dating options is avoided and users are safe in the knowledge they have the best chance of making a dating or friendship connection that has the chance to go somewhere in the present and the future.

The use of GPS technology has made Skout one of the top dating apps in the world and in 2013 saw 500 million connections made between friends and new relationships. Skout has made sure its services are constantly evolving to create a network of individuals who are all doing the same action or taking part in the same activity. The chance to connect with another individual who is also shaking their phone is always available. Other options include the chance to meet other Skout users who are traveling with the Skout Travel app that allows users to link up with local people in the more than 100 countries the app is available in.

Personal Touches Make Anastasia Date Stand Out in Online Dating

Online dating has never been more popular and has eliminated the boundaries that used to exist in meeting a man or woman from a different country. Anastasia Date has grown one of the most important reputations in the world of online dating for providing the best services available for those who are hoping to find love with a man or woman who live and work in a different country. This service is well known throughout the world for providing some of the best options available in terms of creating a long term relationship that begins on the Internet, but then moves into the physical world to give the couple the best possible chance of having a successful life together.

Anastasia Date is named after the fabled Russian Princess Anastasia and was established by a couple who formed a loving and successful marriage when he was from the US and she from Russia. The company is well known for primarily focusing its efforts on bringing together people from North America and the countries of Russia and the Ukraine. However, the number of men in the UK and other areas of Europe who are also joining the search for love in Eastern Europe are growing by the day and offer the women of Eastern Europe more options than ever before.

Anastasia Date offers a different service to those created by other Online dating Sites, particularly in the form of the different services offered to assist the couples in achieving a successful start to their relationship. Other services simply link couples to each other and do little else to help, but Anastasia Date is different and will be involved in every aspect of the courtship and future marriage of couples who find each other. For example, a couple struggling to understand each other because of language problems can use the available translation services to help them interact and build their relationship Online. Once a relationship is moving forward, Anastasia Date will assist by providing a romantic getaway to be enjoyed by the couple to see if the spark they feel Online transfers to the physical world.

SEO: Myths Abound!

Search engine optimization is always changing in one form or another. This should not be unexpected. Long ago, the search engine giants came to the obvious realization that, if people could easily predict how SEO works, then they would be able to easily manipulate it. Actually, manipulation and dirty tricks were the norm in the SEO world until Google put down the hammer on illegal and untoward tactics.

A lot of confusion over the way SEO works today exists. Those new to SEO and, yes, even those who have been around the optimization block for some time still fall victim to SEO myths. They may assume only Pay Per Click (PPC) is viable or that SEO flat out no longer works.

Both of these assessments are flat out wrong. Sure, there are some SEO strategies that are no longer viable such as massive link spamming. PPC does work or else billions of dollars a year in revenue would not flow from its coffers. That said, PPC is not the “be all, end all” and SEO is far from irrelevant.

Anyone publishing a website or engaging in online commerce really should read up on current SEO from credible sources. Beneful understands that doing so definitely helps you stay on top of the news regarding changes in the SEO world. By staying on top of this news, you know what trends are working and what old-time tactics need to be put to pasture.

Half of Americans Surveyed Had No Clue what Cloud Computing Actually Is

Technical terms are notoriously difficult to understand. Cloud computing isn’t just technical; the name is also a little misleading. A recent survey of over 1000 men and women showed just how much Americans actually know about cloud computing.

Nearly one third of respondents in the survey thought that cloud computing was a meteorological term. Only about one in seven actually knew that it had anything to do with computers at all. Many people who took the survey even admitted to pretending to know what cloud computing is.

Mark Ahn was shocked to find that the real kicker is that over half of the people taking the survey thought that a storm could have some impact on cloud computing. I suppose this would be true if lightning were to take out a major data center. Other than that cloud computing is safe from the weather.

The lack of knowledge about cloud computing certainly isn’t keeping anyone from using it. Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. Many companies including banks, social media sites and many other applications are already in the cloud. You could be using the cloud right now and not even be aware of it at all. How scary is that?

Meet Lily

Are you more concerned with getting the perfect shot than with flying a quad copter? Then the perfect drone is here. The 10in, by 3in, 2.8lb drones flown camera, Lily, can be pulled from any wrist or backpack with its small GPS and subject tracking driven ‘watch’. All you have to do is toss the Lily into the air and the drone’s propellers kick on, flying it, no pitch or yaw to worry about. The body is completely sealed so it can fly in the snow, rain or even take off from water according to Ivan Ong on the WarriorForum. Though under water is not recommended, it is possible. Once Lily has you in its sights it can be programmed to hover in place, circle, or follow you. There’s even a mobile app to let you remotely program the drone. This 12 megapixel 1080p camera will run at $999.00, and will be shipping out next spring.

Google Makes it Even Easier to Order Takeout Online

Google is making getting food delivered even easier. The company has announced that they have partnered with sixdelivery service companies to allow for ordering directly from the Google search results page.

Google will be teaming up with Seamless and Grubhub, among other providers, to make deliveries quick and ease. Sam Tabar agrees that the concept is fairly simple. When users search for a particular restaurant, an ordering menu will be displayed, if the eatery works with one of the delivery sites that Google is partnered with. Users can then directly order from that screen, pick which delivery service they’d like to work with, and hit order. Their food will be delivered just as it would be if they had gone directly to the participating provider’s website.

The concept is still in its early stages, and Google hopes to expand the offering to more delivery service websites. Google could potentially expand the concept into more than simple food delivery. If the infrastructure works, there is little that can’t be ordered using the same system. For now, Google will be trying it out with food, and for their part in the partnership they’ll gain valuable data about users shopping, eating and online behaviors.

Seamless and Grubhub have yet to comment on the partnership.

Radiology evolves at a fast rate in its first 120 years

The use of radiology is now so ubiquitous that it something largely taken for granted by the users of medical practices around the world. What most of us fail to remember is that radiology is a relatively new area in the medical industry that is seeing a large amount of evolution due to the large amount of digital technology that is available for use in the 21st century. A large number of high quality service providers are now available with some investing in the latest technology, such as Imaging Advantage who are pushing the limits of digital technology to offer their clients the best imaging services possible.

The first ever x-ray was only taken in 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen took an image of the hand of his wife as an x-ray and changed the way the medical profession handles the field of diagnosis. Since then the movement towards increased use of radiology techniques has seen jumps throughout its history, but only in the latter half of the 20th century and early 21st century did the greatest leaps forward come about. The first CT scan only took place in 1971 and was followed in 1977 by the first full body MRI scan.

Radiology is now commonplace in medical industries across the world as increasing numbers of medical professionals look for the best ways of completing their work and getting their point across to patients in a simple and effective way. In the field of dentistry the use of scanners that create a 3D image of the teeth, gums and jaw reducing the amount of drilling and milling required for various aspects of the dental work completed. Across most medical fields the use of the latest advances in radiology is also used as a teaching tool to allow medical professionals to explain in a visual way the procedure they are about to undertake and why it is needed.

Imaging Advantage has become one of the most respected names in the radiology industry for the vast investment the company has made into the latest equipment to provide information for medical professionals and patients alike. The company is also at the forefront of reducing the amount of hard copies required by patients that are carried from professional to professional for appointments as the use of email is becoming standard with Imaging Advantage. As increasing numbers of medical professionals and patients want the fastest and simplest ways of completing scans and other radiology tasks technologically advanced professionals like Imaging Advantage will play an increased role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in all medical fields.

Many Wonder If Bruce Jenner is Serious About Trans Gender Declaration

Since Bruce Jenner has officially come out and stated that he is transitioning to becoming a woman. For the most part his family has been supportive but former spouse Kris Kardashian has not been as supportive as other family members. In addition, some members of the Hollywood community have questions if Jenner understands that becoming a woman is more than simply making a social statement. Movie actor Alice Eve posted on her social media accounts her feelings that Jenner has under estimated the issues that women actually have to deal with including not having the same job opportunities as well as the same pay that men receive. She also commented that a woman would not have even been able to compete in the decathlon event that Jenner competed in during the 1976 Olympics in which he won a much heralded gold medal.


Eve attempted to clarify her statement by stating that she was not diminishing the decision made by Jenner but was highlighting that women still face a number of equality based issues which have prevented them from gaining the same success as men. Many such as Brad have supported eve’s statement and noted that so much attention to a man trying to become a woman detracts from the original issues of woman simply trying to operate on the same professional plane as a woman. Jenner’s transitioning has been rumored for several months and has been highlighted on the cable network television show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”Jenner’s Coming Out Has Doubters

Rosie O’Donnell May Lose Custody of 2 Year old Dakota

Oh things are not looking good for Rosie O’Donnell as her custody battle is heating up. Her ex-wife, Michelle Rounds, is wanting full custody of their daughter and she is citing O’Donnell’s crazy behaviors as grounds for allowing the judge to approve this motion pending before the court.

Rounds is stating that O’Donnell has a fierce temper with erratic mood swings. She is stating that she has an addiction to marijuana that includes smoking it and eating products with the grass mixed into its contents. To add to her drug problem, she also stated that the famous talk show host drinks at least one bottle of wine every night.

There were further claims that oldest son, Parker, is allowed to have wild parties at the O’Donnell mansion that include alcohol and drugs. Perhaps the stated reason why O’Donnell left famous show “The View” was because she has health problems that extend from her addiction issues. I love Rosie and to see her go through this kills me. Brian feels pretty much the same way. However, I don’t live with her and I have seen her rise and fall to fame through the tabloids. It seems that many people are saying the same thing, Rosie has a problem with mental illness and it is bad enough to make two women leave her in a short amount of time.

Perhaps Rounds would be the better parent of Dakota, who is 2 years of age. Just because Rosie is the one with money and fame doesn’t make her the best choice for the mother of the adorable baby.

Cell Phones May be Dangerous to Your Health

According to medical professionals, it looks as though cellular phones may very well be contributing to an increase in cancer cases. This is especially true for cancers that affect the head and neck areas, according to Joel M. Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California. Data that was collected back in 2011, determined that radiofrequency radiation has a very carcinogenic effect on the body. The more a person uses their phone, the higher their risk would be for developing cancer at some point in their lifetime. This is worrisome to young professional like Ivan Ong, who you can check out at his personal website.

A number of Interphone studies that were completed by a number of

wireless communication companies
determined that frequent use of cellular technology was a contributing factor to brain cancer and other neuromas. While at one point in time, these findings were considered to be ‘plausible’ they are now showing to be more confirmed. There are phone cases on the market that claim to block radiation from the person using the phone or carrying it around. Medical professionals and scientists are not so sure that these products can live up to their claims. Currently, many of these products have not been studied. The best option you have is to put your phone away when not in use. Don’t carry it in your pocket or close by. Also, limit your phone activity to when you really need it. Hopefully, more definitive answers will be available in the near future regarding this health concern.