Software’s Many Uses, Good and Bad


Software is an inherent function of technological instruments today. Software tells the machine how to operate. Without software, computers would be hunks of metal that did nothing. Software, important as it is, can obviously be used for good, or bad. One software program named Unity helps run over half of all mobile games made recently.


Fiat Chrysler has recently been sued in a United States court that they wrongfully used software to falsely pass emissions tests to save money, speed production, and harm precious Earth as little as possible.


Software is also used in education, a tool that facilitates effective, remembered learning of classroom material faster than without technology. Many students of today’s classrooms learn using iPads and computers, which sometimes accomplish tasks more effectively than before, and also cause some hindrances. A negative aspect of using screens in education in the classroom is that many students usually use them at once, resulting in kids generally unfocused on the task and plugged in to the fact they are on electronic devices, things children usually love. Screen addictions — yes, you read that right — can occur from allowing children to use screens more often than they should.


Technology can also be used to report data taken from 911 calls to place in statewide databases to understand and analyze trends in 911 calls and other health related emergencies. Relying on data automatically pulled from events is far less time consuming and, over time, cheaper than manually entering and transmitting data.


Virtual reality is expensive, but fun with breathtaking potential. Most users are overwhelmed in a 3D world that feels like life but is actually a video simulation. Virtual reality headsets can even be used by people with PTSD to overcome triggers and work towards a more positive state of mental health. Some mental health servicers in the United States have even received grants to implement VR headsets for people with PTSD.


There are literally endless uses for technology and software in 2017. Technology is expected to continue to grow in complexity, usefulness, and popularity in coming years at an exponential rate. Technology can speed and simplify some processes, but can also cause detriments and road blocks to others who have been violated by illicit computer hackers.


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