Uber Receives State Order to Remove Self-Driving Cars In CA

Recently, the tech company, Uber had deployed it’s new line of self driving cars to carry passengers hither and thither about the sunny, chic, Pacific city streets. However, according to the Associated Press, Uber has been put on notice and told, or rather ordered, to cease and desist all autonomous car operations within the city by the state of California. This then begs the natural question, why? The reason for this business quashing has to do with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Apparently, Uber had not been aware of the state’s licensing laws and had failed to obtain a permit for the use of automated, self driving cars. The Uber automated, self driving program had found its genesis in Pittsburgh around the beginning of this year. California was the next step in their plan to expand the service even further in an attempt to normalize the practice, naturally a wise business plan. For California, Uber chose to employ the Volvo XC 90 SUV for all of its transportation services.


Curiously, Uber had, prior to the state edict, released a public statement in which the company stated that it did not, in any capacity, wish to pursue the autonomous vehicular permit. This means that Uber was well aware of the fact that they required a permit but had simply decided that they were going to circumnavigate such bothersome legalities. Even after the Department of Motor Vehicles sent a message to the Uber that the company would face sever legal penalties if they did not promptly comply and obtain a permit. Uber, as previously mentioned, ignored the warning and was eventually contacted by the state government itself.


It is rather noteworthy that this is not the first time that Uber has fallen into hot water for its actions. Long before the permit incident occurred, Uber was caught via a roadside video camera illegally passing a red light stop sign. However, it was not determined whether or not the car was one of their self driving models or was piloted by a human employee. However, Uber remains quite upbeat and, one might even say, mischievously satisfied, about the whole affair. In a recent public statement Uber company adviser B. Tusk stated that Uber’s past troubles are often due to the company’s radical innovation and that things inevitably get worked out. It remains to be seen if this shall end up being the case, but one thing is certain, Uber’s future is certainly not going to be boring.

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