UK Vintners Forms Societies to Expand Their Market Share

The Society of Vintners Limited consists of 25 members. These members come from the vast British Isles. The majority of this society comprises of family owned independent enterprises. The family managers decided to get together and form a single band with entrepreneurs who have invested in the same type of companies. Coming together was a sign of like mindedness and a larger desire to achieve. Forming this society ensured that they obtained competitive prices for a broad range of wines. However, to use these competitive prices, products must be sold through the organization network.

In the consortium, one member takes the responsibility of negotiating for the prices with a potential supplier. The vendors are picked from a specific wine producing region. After negotiations, the member then presents the recommendation to the full committee. After much discussions on the quality of the product, set price and services offered, the consortium deliberates on whether to stock and sell the wines through its network. Of late, the consortium has added three members to reach a total of 28.

The Society of Vintners has its roots from Nottingham Wine Buying Group and the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium. Initially, it was composed of five members who joined forces to create a more active voice in the market. Later, they joined arms with Allied Consortium which was formed in 1960 after two wine merchant joined. The Allied Consortium grew to 20 members. With time, some of it members withdrew. Later, the Allied Group approached the Nottingham group and joined their venture collectively as a Group. The two consortium joined their strengths and formed National Wine Buying Group.

Today, the society prides itself on quality rather than focusing on prices. Unlike other vintners in the UK, they source for the best quality. However, they are not the cheapest. Potential members benefit from an already existing skill base and an already established network.

In the United Kingdom, Merchant Vintners have dominated the business of buying wine. The company has operated since its inception in the year 1965. It is owned by 20 members, and its shares are divided among the members equally. The company aims at giving small family vintners the ability to expand their opposition in the market against larger and existing Vintners in the United Kingdom.

Its members enjoy benefits ranging from combined purchases to availability of large stock. These advantages also ensure the members achieve competitive terms in the market. The members constantly meet and explore new options in regards to quality of their product. Purchasing as a group allows members to reduce their personal stock and still retain access to an extensive portfolio.

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